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Finding Text Evidence - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

Finding Text Evidence - By Axelson Academy

00:01 finding text evidence from the Axelsson Academy reading Informational text
00:06 standard eight with prompting and support . Identify the reasons
00:10 and author gives to support points in a text .
00:14 There are two items to note as we address standard
00:17 eight at the kindergarten level . First , students do
00:20 not need to master this standard independently . Kindergartners will
00:25 need plenty of support as you guide them through determining
00:28 what point the author is making in the text and
00:31 then locating the supporting reasons the author gifts . You
00:35 should be certain that you choose texts that are set
00:38 up , so the reasons air structured in a very
00:41 recognizable manner . I love guinea pigs by Dick King
00:46 Smith is a great choice to model . How to
00:50 find text evidence . In this text , the author
00:53 makes about six assertions regarding guinea pigs , including that
00:57 guinea pigs air cute , sensible and hardy . Each
01:01 point is clearly stated and then followed by multiple reasons
01:05 why the author believes this . Structurally , the text
01:09 is set up , so a point is made and
01:12 is followed by support about every two pages . I
01:15 would begin by doing a cold Orel reading of the
01:18 text without discussing background knowledge or the way we will
01:22 be using it to find text evidence in the class
01:25 . Then , because of the structure provided in the
01:28 text , I would use this book over the course
01:31 of a week , reading a couple of pages again
01:34 and pulling out text evidence each day . A dense
01:38 picture book like this one meets the text complexity requirements
01:42 and deserves more than a cursory reading for our purposes
01:48 . I have separated out the main points of the
01:50 text and the supporting details given by the author .
01:54 Guinea pigs are cute . They are chunky and chubby
01:57 , cuddly , come in different colors and can be
02:00 long haired or short haired . When actually doing this
02:05 with the class , I would include pictures as support
02:08 for the beginning readers . Often I just sketch a
02:11 supporting illustration for a keyword to put beside the reason
02:15 . As a reminder to the student , some teachers
02:18 give a student a post it note and ask the
02:20 student to illustrate the evidence and add it to the
02:24 classes . Information . Other key points for which the
02:29 author provides text evidence include that guinea pigs are sensible
02:32 . They're not fussy . They like nice warm temperatures
02:36 and a dry place to live guinea pigs are hardy
02:40 . They don't usually get sick and can live for
02:43 ah , fairly long time for small animals 5 to
02:46 8 years and guinea pigs have cute babies . They
02:50 are born with fur and teeth and have their eyes
02:53 open right away . They look like miniature guinea pigs
02:56 with very big feet . Here I've added the picture
02:59 cues I might include for kindergarten students purposefully finding text
03:06 evidence throughout the kindergarten year will build a foundation for
03:10 a persuasive and argumentative writing . Students will develop an
03:14 understanding of well structured writing as they look for this
03:18 text evidence . This has been finding text evidence from
03:23 the Axelsson Academy .


identify the main points an author makes and the support/reasons the author gives for the main points. Common Core Standard RI.K.8 is addressed.


Finding Text Evidence is a free educational video by Axelson Academy .It helps students in grades 2 practice the following standards RI.2.8.

This page not only allows students and teachers view Finding Text Evidence but also find engaging Sample Questions, Apps, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.

1. RI.2.8 : Describe how reasons support specific points the author makes in a text..





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