1.G.3 / 2.G.3 - Halves - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

1.G.3 / 2.G.3 - Halves - By MathwithMrAlmeda


explains how to partition a rectangle or circle into 2 equal shares, and defines why we call each share a half. He further explains that 2 halves make 1 whole. This video explains the concepts involved in 1.G.3 and 2.G.3 from the Common Core State


1.G.3 / 2.G.3 - Halves is a free educational video by MathwithMrAlmeda.It helps students in grades 2 practice the following standards 2.G.A.3.

This page not only allows students and teachers view 1.G.3 / 2.G.3 - Halves but also find engaging Sample Questions, Apps, Pins, Worksheets, Books related to the following topics.

1. 2.G.A.3 : Partition circles and rectangles into two, three, or four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, thirds, half of, a third of, etc., and describe the whole as two halves, three thirds, four fourths. Recognize that equal shares of identical wholes need not have the same shape.





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