StepUp to the Right Solution for Your Campus

Are you having difficulty in choosing the best assessment rehearsal program for your school?
Lumos Learning has the answer!

What are you looking for?

  1. Practice assessments that mimic your state assessment?
  2. Remedial and deep remedial lessons to close achievement gaps?
  3. Lessons designed for specific students and their individual needs?
  4. Need more resources to support the standards you are teaching and testing?
  5. Real-time reports that validate your curriculum plans and pacing charts?
  6. Accurate data to share with parents and administrators?
  7. Bottom-line pricing?
  8. Research supported program for federal guidelines?

Look no further, Lumos StepUp is the answer!

Lumos StepUp offers practice assessments that are blueprinted to individual state assessments. The assessments provide multiple practices in all tested standards to assist the teacher in determining levels of proficiency and the ability to assign additional lessons based on the assessment outcomes of each student.

Teachers may assign the assessment and determine the proficiency level of each assessment. The assignment then appears on the student portal page to be completed by the student. A scheduled assessment or lesson may also be assigned to be given on a particular date. Once the student has completed the task, a report is immediately generated.

The teacher may choose that the student can view his/her results, recommendations, and automatically be assigned further lessons based on those results.

As the teacher, you know the level of your students. In Lumos StepUp, you set the proficiency level. You can determine if a student needs additional practice on grade level for remedial assignments. In this manner, the program automatically assigns extra grade-level standard lessons for that student. What about that achievement gap? The next capability the teacher has is to dip below the grade level for standard lesson evaluation and reinforcement if the student was not successful. For example, if a student scored only 40% proficient in a standard, the program automatically assigns multiple lessons for up to 3-grade levels below based on how the assignment was made. This solution immediately notes the student’s lack of progress and assigns lessons based on the results. So, as a teacher or educator, you can sit back and relax- a little!

How many extra hours do you spend looking for additional resources to help support the curriculum standards you are teaching?

Lumos Learning has a resource built-in for you- EdSearch tool! In this component, you will be able to search for multiple resources to add to your toolbox and assign it to a student. You choose the grade level and content area and then search for additional questions, videos, presentations, lessons, applications, etc. EdSearch does the work for you and shows you what is available! What a time saver!!

Coherency mapping is available, too! Find the connection of the previous grade-level standard, on grade level, and future standard to keep your students on track with their learning.

I remember looking over piles and piles of data, reports from the state showing everything from socioeconomic status, male to female ratios, even teacher levels of degrees earned, and experience in the classroom. They become overwhelming when what you only want to know is – HOW DO I ENGAGE THE STUDENTS TO DO BETTER ON THE ASSESSMENT?

You need reports to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses of the entire group and by a student. Lumos StepUp Online program has Progress Reports, Diagnostic Reports, Insights by Lesson, Insights by Student, Benchmark Reports, Standard Mastery, and Domain Mastery Reports.

Whatever you are looking for to better assist you in reporting and analyzing student achievement is there for you.

Ahhh, but let’s not forget about the parents!
The key to any successful education program is parent support! At Lumos, the parent is a crucial part of the learning in terms of viewing student work and following the progress of his/her child. Parents can see what their child is doing and the success of a lack of it in the program. You may also print out and share those individual progress or insight reports with parents during conferencing, as well.

Pricing is based on student subscriptions. Lumos offers free accounts for teachers and administrators, along with free webinar training and account setups. Site licensing is the best way to go to your school if you have around 300 students or more in the program. Discounts may be given for fewer numbers, and our goal is to work with you within your budget.

Lumos has completed extensive research on its program and has available white papers to support the evidence-based best practices included in the program.

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The Lumos StepUp Online program has everything laid out for you:

  1. Practice assessments blueprinted exactly to your state assessment
  2. Assignments that can reinforce grade-level standards and also dip below grade level to close the achievement gap
  3. Teacher-directed assignments and use of a smartboard or whiteboard for classes or small group snapshots of standards learned
  4. The ability to document and assign IEP modifications as needed by individual students
  5. Reports that are easily read, pinpointing success and learning deficiencies in various time frames to support curriculum and accountability
  6. Affordable pricing with continuous support
  7. Meets federal guidelines for supplemental instructional programs

Bonnie McRae