Powerful Yet Easy-To-Use Learning Tool

In today’s digital era, it is common to feel overloaded by the non-stop flow of information. Teachers and parents alike often struggle to sustain the interest of energetic children who are constantly beckoned by their mobile devices. Make the most of the time your child or student spends with mobile device in-hand with the free Lumos StepUp™ app. Covering Math and ELA concepts – for all the grades – this powerful learning tool is designed to help your student succeed on standardized tests and at school. Take a quick look at the overview to see how it can take your student’s abilities to the next level!

What is Lumos StepUp?

StepUp in mobile

Our standards-based learning app is an all-in-one educational tool filled with guided-learning, helpful resources and engaging tests. Easily access loads of content – from videos to blogs – to help build your student’s proficiency. StepUp is perfect for all learners at all grade levels! Simply select the grade to match the desired difficulty and pace-of-learning for each student. Every feature and function is designed to boost confidence and build competency. Let’s check out a few of the features!

Guided learning

Repetition is the mother of all learning! As with other similar learning apps, StepUp offers guided subject modules that are easy for young learners to understand and engage with. These modules are designed to be light and repeatable; so that students are prepared come test time.   Each section features guided, step-by-step answer explanations to steer your student down the path to test readiness. When it comes to ease-of-use, though, StepUp is set apart from the rest.

Learners can easily find and connect with subject matter using Lumos Assistant – an interactive virtual assistant that quickly gathers resources at a moment’s notice. This friendly AI-powered helper makes navigating the app and tracking student progress painless.

Standards-based content

Subjects, such as Math and ELA are broken down further into domains – geometry, for an instance – each with standard based supporting material meant to fill knowledge gaps. Loads of educational blogs and videos help to demystify difficult concepts. Also, students can dive deeper and into any number of Common Core standards by simply navigating through practice modules at their own pace. Learning Mode challenges students to solve multiple-choice questions or numeric drills related to each topic. Practice makes perfect! Once your student has studied the resources and conquered practice questions, it’s time to put their skills to the test!

Testing progress

Gauge your student’s progress via full-length practice tests! Each grade level contains two full-length practice tests for Math and ELA which also supports PARCC, SBAC, ACT Aspire, FSA, OST, TNReady, NYST, GMAS, MCAS, CMAS, ILearn, MAAP, MOMAP and LEAP assessments. These tests, which are broken down into topic-specific units, allow students to quickly start, stop, and revisit their work at a later date. StepUp automatically tracks their progress and displays test completion percentage.

These realistic test questions are carefully drafted by our expert teachers to mimic the actual state assessment blueprints. Every answer, whether correct or incorrect, carries with it a full breakdown of the specific concept, as well as a description of how to reach the correct answer! With solved examples and progress-tracking, Lumos StepUP™ is flexible enough to meet each student’s unique learning style and pace. Take a second to check out more of its amazing features!  

More Tools

Numeric Drills

As mentioned, Lumos StepUp™ helps students boost their arithmetic skills with interactive and customizable subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division drills. Perfect for any schedule or pace, students can determine not only the subject but also the number of questions for each drill!  


Stuck on a difficult concept? Scan-and-Learn allows students to take pictures of a part of a reading passage, image, object, etc., to pull up sample questions and additional learning resources on the topic.


Learn more about the world we live in! Use our handy Pic-and-Learn feature to get information from almost any picture…from famous buildings to people. Simply snap a photo or choose one from your existing gallery and watch as this helpful function retrieves related pictures and content to aid study!

Focused Learning

Our expert teachers are constantly updating and reworking subject matter content to stay current with the latest standards and trends. Gain access to a variety of resources, drills, full-length practice tests and more! Building mastery takes time and each young learner progresses at their own pace. No need to worry!  Whether your student is preparing for standardized tests or simply building ability, StepUp™ is a helpful additional to any educator’s toolkit!



Cory Ruzicka