Lumos StepUp: For teachers

With school back in session, educators all over the world are relying on Lumos StepUp™ to help build their students’ standards-based Math & ELA proficiency! StepUp™ is a free-to-download youth education app that comes packed with helpful features and resources.  Whether your student is studying for a standardized test or simply building mastery, this versatile app allows you, as an educator, to determine both pace and difficulty of learning with grade-based modules. Quickly fill knowledge gaps and stop “summer learning loss” by making use of its many learning modes and full-length practice tests! Help switch your students’ minds back from summer-mode by taking a look at some of the app’s best features and practices!

StepUp in mobile

Flexible Learning

Pace & difficulty

Our expert teachers designed StepUp™ to be fully customizable – knowing that each student learns at their own rate. While in Learning mode, select the grade level and assign your student personalized homework – i.e. subject modules, numeric drills, and practice tests – to further their skills and prepare them for test day. Perfect for even the most hectic schedule! Each topic module or numeric drill can be started, stopped, or restarted at will; so young learners can engage with the material at a pace that works for them!

Measure progress

Setting and meeting benchmarks has never been easier! This robust yet customizable web app offers loads of grade-level practice modules, numeric drills, and more. Teachers can quickly identify knowledge gaps by putting their students’ skills to the test! From order-of-operations to writing standards, our kid-friendly modules provide educators with valuable feedback which can be used to mold each unique learning journey. Use the mobile app to track progress towards completion and view real-time reports – from anywhere – on any number of subtopics – then simply add or remove learning materials as needed!

Preparing for Success


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Cut down on the hours you dedicate to lesson planning by quickly gathering resources with the EdSearch feature! Lumos EdSearch is a safe and reliable search engine for educators, parents, and students alike. Teachers can instantly access standards-aligned content including: apps, videos, workbooks, lessons, and much more! Also, helpful filters within EdSearch allow you to narrow your search results to include only resources of a certain grade-level, subject or type. Building lesson plans is simple because EdSearch allows you to save your resources and bundle them into a transportable “resource kit”! Assign a resource kit to a given student and track their progress towards completion all from within EdSearch. Spend less time searching and more time for teaching!

Test preparation

While in Test mode, prepare your student for success with realistic, full-length practice tests! Each comprehensive test is broken down into units which are dedicated to specific topic areas. This format helps you to swiftly pinpoint the subject areas with which your student needs the most practice. Cover the material that matters! Each of our thousands of practice questions is designed to correspond to a precise set of learning standards. We’re constantly updating our content to meet the latest standards and assessments including: PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire, NYST, FSA, GMAS, OST, iLearn, MO MAP, TNReady, MS MAAP, CMAS, MCAS, and LEAP!

Smart & Intuitive

Teachers and parents alike can use StepUp™ to get access to high quality information about Common Core Standards, as well as a database of sample questions for both Math and ELA.  This all-in-one mobile app is free to download and is a boon to educators looking to take their students’ skills to the next level. Whether preparing your student for a state assessment or just building their skills, StepUp™ offers fun and engaging content at a flexible pace!




Cory Ruzicka