New Year Resolution Ideas for Teachers

A job of a teacher can never really gets boring. There will always be a lot of new things to learn which can be overwhelming. And the time of the year could not be any better to start up with new things you have always wanted to learn to be a better teacher.

Figure out what you want to work on. Make a list of it, set up a goal for it and start practicing it with all your attention given to it. Here are some of the pointers that can prioritize your work for you.

Classroom management

Try out new technology-based programs in your classroom. Keep your students entertained and challenged. Trying out new tools can help you fix to the resolution. You can also sign up for online classroom management courses.

Time for your Students

If you don’t like to be a formal teacher, then don’t be one! You can integrate yourself with your students and understand why they are the loudest or worst or quietest in the class.

Career Scale

Understand your career preferences and make a path for it. It might be professional development or change positions or graduate credits plan for it, and a make a move!


There will always be certain things like the school policies, big mounds of, etc. which you can do nothing about. Don’t let those things get your mood and ruin your day with your students.

Work/Life Balance

You deserve the best! And no second thought about it.  Stressing out about your students, their performances, meetings, assessments, policies..never ends. But it doesn’t mean you don’t get to give yourself time. Eat healthily and take care of yourself, always!

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Jennifer Wilson