Essential Ingredients for Networking on a Virtual Event!


Networking is one of the key reasons why people attend meetings in person.

However, with most events taking place virtually these days, many professionals are left confused about the best practices for networking at a virtual event.

So the question is, How to Network at a virtual event?

  • Networking goals
  • Have a clear early goal and ask yourself some important questions like,

    “Who is the most important Person/Brand that you want to connect with?”

    “What kind of questions can you ask them?” “How to gain their attention?” etc.

  • Engage and Participate in the Discussions
  • Stay visible during the event by actively participating in the discussions and sharing valuable inputs.

    One thoughtful question or comment you make can spark conversations with others, which could lead to future collaborations or convince them to sign up as clients.

    Remember not be too chatty and spammy.

  • Engage and Participate in the Discussions
  • Utilize the private messaging features on the event platform to engage with other attendees on the side.

    Unlike in-person events where you cannot have private conversations during presentations, virtual summits don’t have such restrictions.

    To get started on this, you can ask your connections what they think about what the speaker said.

  • Publicize your Pre- and Post-Event participation on Social Media
  • After registering for a virtual event, get yourself out there to attract peers and prospects who may also be participating.

    Social media is also an effective channel to share your takeaways after the event has ended. You can tag your new connections and encourage them to share insights they gained during the summit too.

  • Virtual Event Games
  • If event hosts or sponsors hold an online scavenger hunt, bingo, or trivia, be sure to participate to attract prospects with your personality in addition to your business acumen.

  • Share Interesting and Informative Articles/Resources with others.
  • If you have any articles or any other resources relating to the topics that are being spoken in the event, you can share the link or document.

    Remember to not sell anything.

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    Jaci Smith