WordUp Chrome Extension for English Language Vocabulary learners

wordup extension

“The more students learn high utility words, the better they will be able to comprehend text that contains those words or similar ones.” – Steven Sholl

Vocabulary refers to the words we must understand to communicate effectively. Children need to develop strong vocabulary skills to express themselves clearly and meaningfully in written and spoken formats. The vocabulary knowledge provides the building blocks to language development and drives the development of grammar. There’s strong evidence to connect vocabulary with your student’s later language and cognitive development.

Sustained, on-going practice is essential in developing a robust vocabulary for children. There are many ways to embed vocabulary into the student’s daily lives.

At Lumos, we’ve developed a super easy, useful, and interactive vocabulary practice tool called the WordUp Google Chrome Extension. It creates an opportunity for students to learn a new word every time they open a new Chrome browser tab. The word recommendation includes its meaning, sample sentences, pronunciation, domain, and vocabulary tests. The Lumos WordUp Google Chrome Extension is designed to help students strengthen their vocabulary by providing word lists precisely matched to their grade and reading level.

Click here to install the Lumos WordUp Extension and help your students become a ‘Word Genius.’

Check out Darcy’s video demonstration for step-by-step guidance on how to install and use the Lumos WordUp Google Chrome extension.

Click here to Install Lumos WordUp Extension