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carpenter cutting pattern optimizer 2-dimension - By Kittidech Vongsak

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cutting pattern is the best way to save your material, work and time when you need to cut any material such as plate, timber, label, bar, tab, rolls or other linear materials supplied in prefixed standard lengths. cutting pattern automatically finds the optimal cutting layouts, capable to calculate the best yielding of materials with minimum cost in processes of 2D cutting for materials and using the most advanced optimization engine. cutting pattern is a complete solution with its own databases, detailed reports and easy to use interface. The model is formulated based on the current practic


Carpenter cutting pattern optimizer 2-dimension is a free educational mobile app By Kittidech Vongsak.It helps students practice the following standards .

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Developer: Kittidech Vongsak

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Software Version: 1.5

Category: Productivity

Release Date: 2015-01-09T04:38:15Z


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