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Thousands of students, educators and parents discover exciting educational apps on Lumos platform. Lumos App Store makes it easy for them to find apps based on curriculum standards, assessments, grade, subject and learning categories.

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50,000+ Students
300+ Schools
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3,000+ Teachers
30+ Libraries
2+ M page views/month

“Thank you very much for making this site. As a mother, I think it was a great idea. It really helped my daughter since the classroom teacher did not do much for them at school, this website becomes a perfect enrichment tool”

Kim, Parent (East Orange, NJ)

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Key Benefits

Listing in Lumos Learning App Store

•App showcased in front of 50,000+ students, 300+ schools, 3000+ teachers and 30+ libraries.


Admin access to your app listing:

•Update, Manage and Monitor your apps.

•Broadcast App related Stickies to Target Audience

•Keep Tab on Tweets and Reviews


Share info about your app and get feedback from users:

•App details and information can be shared by creating sticky.


Listing in Teacher Portal:

•App featured in over 3000+ Teacher Accounts.

•Listing includes description, screenshots, ratings, reviews etc.

•Teachers can review and recommend apps to students.


Listing in Student Portal:

•App listing in more than 50,000 student accounts.

•Topic and subject-based categorization.

•Displayed with recommendation badges by Teachers and Parents for students.


Listing in Parent Portal:

•App listing in more than 373 parent accounts.

•Special listing for teacher recommended apps.

•Parent reviews and comments for Your Apps


Curriculum Mapping:

•Our Expert Teachers will identify the curriculum standards supported by your apps and map them accordingly into the listings.


Assessment Mapping:

•Our reviewers will explore if your app assists in standardized test preparation such as PARCC, SBAC, AIR, ACT etc.

• Listing in appropriate categories.


Teacher Reviews:

•Exposure to 3000+ teachers.

• Ratings and reviews.


Back-Link to your Website:

•Redirect clicks to your own app webpages.

• Boost traffic and improve visibility to your app pages.


Teacher Recommendation Badge

•Our expert teachers review and rate apps along with mapping them to appropriate Common Core Curriculum standards.


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