Lumos Learning StepUp 4.0 with improved user friendly UI is now available for use

Piscataway – May 12, 2017

Over the past few decades, influence of technology on children’s education has been immense. Educational apps are making things easier for children to understand and retain the knowledge. However, choosing the right app which not only helps learn, but provides instant feedback and gives you access to relevant resources is the key factor.

Lumos StepUp™ is an educational app that was developed keeping the dynamic 21st-century learners in mind. The app is designed to help students focus on grade-level skills practice and get realistic assessment rehearsal for state standardized tests. StepUp makes accessing necessary standards-aligned learning modules and assessments convenient through smartphones and tablets.

Lumos Learning recently launched the latest version 4.0 of Lumos StepUp Mobile App.

The new version of the App has new features which improves the user experience and the effectiveness in skills mastery. The students can now access their student account resources which was previously available only on the website.

This enables the students to take practice tests on the App by choosing their State assessment and get instant feedback.

Apart from this, the students can choose the various Tech enhanced question types that they want to practice and work on their skills mastery.


For effective learning, student need personalized feedback based on their learning gaps. With the new version of the StepUp App, students get immediate personalized feedback on their performance and have the ability to view their progress.


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About Lumos Learning:

Lumos Learning is a publisher of innovative tools that enhance classroom learning for students in Elementary and Middle Schools. It has developed a learning platform that provides engaging learning resources, rigorous assessments and insightful analytics for students and educators. Using the Lumos Study Programs, parents and teachers can reinforce the classroom learning experience for students and help them succeed on the standardized tests. It was started in 2007 and based in Piscataway, New Jersey.

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