Student Portal Enhancement


•    Invite Parent
•    PARCC Released Items
•    Lumos Assistant
•    Free Reading Passages

Invite Parent

The “Invite Parent” option allows patrons to invite their parents to view their progress reports. Once the parent creates an account, they can access their child’s work and view real-time reports to further tailor the learning program. Also, they can create custom lessons and assign any specific standards practice to their child.

PARCC Released Items

The PARCC released items provide students with a preview of test questions aligned to academic standards for grades 3–8 in both English language arts/literacy and math. These help students to prepare for the assessments. The Practice Tests is available in each grade and is similar in format and structure to the actual test.

Free Reading Passages

• Discover thousands of grade specific / genre specific passages.
• Plan your students activity based on the passages.
• Help students master the various standards of English Language Art.

Lumos Assistant

Lumos Assistant Enabled for Library customers. A Friendly AI-powered Assistant to find the resources with ease and support Test Prep.


Ron Miller