Meet us at Red Level East at 2:45pm on 19th October!

The conference of #MassCUE2018, conducted by the collaboration of Massachusetts Computer Using Educators and the Massachusetts Association of School of School Superintendents was held on 18th and 19th October 2018 in the city of Massachusetts.

Both the organizations had collaborated with the focus to enhance teaching and learning with technology. The conference had been a great opportunity to unite like minded educators over the thought of revolutionizing approach of learning in classroom with sessions like CUEyard, CUEByte etc.

Lumos Learning will be presenting on ‘7 ways you can use technology to help your students to become a better writer’, exploring various elements of writing and challenges faced by educators in helping students write essays and stories. The session starts at 2:45pm on 19th October at 29, Red Level East and Mr. Mukunda Krishnaswmay will be presenting about Write Metrics – A tool to measure and improve students’ writing skills. Use the link to check in and we hope to meet you there!


Try the following links to check-in to other sessions

Boston “Little Coders” Creative Computing with STEAM

Bringing Curriculum to Life with 3D Doodlers

Digital Storytelling – It’s Elementary!

Drawing as a Thinking Process – It’s More Than Sketchnoting

Empowering Students to Globally Connect

Hit a homerun with Google Home In the Classroom

KIBO’s are for Kids! Using Device-Free Robots for STEAM

Middle School Trips That Highlight Global Education

My Life as a Rock, and other Scientific Stories

The Art of the App Smash: Literacy Edition

Add Design Thinking to Your Classroom!

AR/VR Augmented and Virtual Reality Playground

Be a Tech Ninja!: Cutting-Edge Technology Practices in Mathematics Classrooms

Breaking Barriers

Computer Science: An Example of Leadership

Create a Digital Book with Pages on iPad

Crowdsourcing Concepts for Student-Centered Learning

Digital Tools to Engage Adolescent Readers and Writers

Educators & Scratch – Meetup with Us

Establish problem solving skills through practical application in 3D & VR gamified science labs

Getting the Most Money from Your Current Apple Devices

Innovative and Free – iCivics!

Increasing Student Confidence in Math & Beyond with Flipgrid

March Madness: Don’t Sweat the “Tech”nique

​​Leading with Purpose

Personalized Learning and the Adolescent Brain

Pathways to Personalization: A Framework for School Change

Teaching Mathematics with a Growth Mindset

Unpacking the New Science Standards with Educational Technology

A Dozen Tech Tools for Language and Writing

Blended and Personalized Learning Practices at the Middle School Level: One Size No Longer Fits All

Coding with Awbie and Book Trailers with DoInk

Digital Books in a Mathematics Classroom

Every Child. Every Day.

Flatten Your classroom: Knock Down the Walls of Your Classroom and Let Students Engage With the Worl

Gathering and Analyzing Data with Google

How Do You SEE Your Staff: The Importance of Supporting, Engaging, and Empowering Teachers

IoT Light Shows Amp Up the Classroom

Protecting Students On Their Digital Tools

Putting the A in STEAM

Rigorous Whimsy: Using Critical Creativity in Any Classroom Pre-K to Post-Grad

Student-Empowered Writing Using Artificial Intelligence

Young Children Can Create

A PEAR a day keeps boredom away!

Student-Led Conferences Using SeeSaw

Activated Storytelling for Transformational Learning

Automate student registration and cumulative folders

Differentiation and the Brain: Best Ways to Integrate Brain Based Learning with Differentiation

Digital Storytelling

Filtering the Void: How to Manage the Ever-Expanding Internet in Education

Hyperdocs Help Educators Meet the Needs of Today’s Students

Let’s solve some problems together!

Social Media Credit Score: Empower your Students and Teachers to Confront the Hidden Risks and Poten


A Process, A Hack, and A Tool Walk Into A Clasroom

Protecting Students On Their Digital Tools

Make Your Learning Commons the Hub of Your School

Coding, Not Just for Nerds


Jennifer Wilson