Ready to Learn: How to Get Your Students to Come to Class Prepared

In the conference educators will share their extensive experience with designing their courses to get students to come to class prepared, creating guided reading and writing assignments, encouraging problem-based learning assignments, and grading assignments efficiently.

Workshop Benifits

Design a course using an interactive teaching model in which students come to class prepared and class time is used for higher-level thinking and skill development

Write class preparation assignments to guide students in their readings and to inform and stimulate class discussion

Design a definitional grading system for any course (one of the categories should be class preparation)

Avoid the common pitfalls of using class preparation assignments

Incorporate student writing assignments without creating a heavy grading burden

Design an interactive course that allows space and time for student voices and shows respect for students’ intellectual abilities

Conference/Event Dates: 08/07/2015 – 08/07/2015
Venue: Courtyard Austin Downtown

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Jaci Smith