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Is summer vacation a fun or a burden?

Most of the schools in America take a 10 to 11 weeks in Summer. Whether schools should cancel summer vacation is the common question going through the minds of most parents in the US. The main reason for is that about three-fourth of mothers in the US are working, and cannot take leave to spend time with their kids. Almost every parent finds it difficult to manage their child’s time at home during summer. Summer camps are the only real solution for parents to ensure that kids stay safe and spend the vacation constructively. But almost all summer camps found are too expensive now. Summers have become a financial and logistical nightmare for most parents in the country.

summer vacation

In the Sunday Review article “The Families That Can’t Afford Summer,” KJ Dell’Antonia wrote about a mother of two, Tolanda Barnette, who is working as a day care worker. She cannot afford to enroll her 6-year-old son at the center she works at or in any of the cheaper camps, and so she is now forced to make her 12-year-old daughter babysit the little one.

A survey from 2014 states that on an average about $958 is spent on each kid to make his/her summer fun and excited. The lack of affordable child care and the fear of achievement gap become a big dilemma for lower income families. Children lose their math and reading skills during this two-month long break from studies.

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