Students soar in State School District Testing

The Osceola School District drew attention to the results of the spring 2017 (FSA) Florida Standards Assessments and (EOC) End-of-Course assessments, showing many gains across nearly every subject and grade level that took the tests and did their talking with their achievement.
“I am pleased with the incremental gains in student achievement made in our schools, we will continue to take steps to close the achievement gap with the state and other neighboring school districts beginning as early as this summer, as evidenced by the summer programs that are helping teachers, students, and school authorities to learn and improve” said Superintendent Debra Pace.

Final stats by the Florida Department of Education, show that students in grades 3-5 and 6-8 complimented the state’s gains on all of the math tests. All grades tested in English Language Arts expanded the number of percentage passing, considering a 3 percent increase in 7th grade plus a 5 percent gain (from 42 to 47 percent, in 10th grade, a grade that showed no overall state growth.

Osceola saw a growth of 4 percent in Grades 4-8 In Algebra 1, and they performed better than the state average in Grades 5-8.
Osceola increased to 74 percent in grades 3-12 In Civics, a 4 percent increase and 5 percent more than the state average, which also matched the increase in the high school U.S. History passing rate (to 62 percent).


Derek Turner