Lumos Mobile Apps for Test Preparation and Teaching

Did you know about our mobile apps? If not, you should download them now! Apps are an excellent tool to help students prepare for tests.

The Lumos StepUp English and Math Practice app is a great resource that can be used by teachers, parents, and students. It’s an educational, learning, and teaching tool that teachers can use to assign students resources, or parents can use it to help teach their children learn. Here’s an overview for each type of user:

Students: The app is designed for 3rd to 8th graders. Students can find homework assistance, practice tests, a blog, and much more. There are videos explaining things like cubic volume. Practice questions, for example math problems, let students know in real time if answers are right or wrong, allowing them to master fundamentals so they won’t repeat the same mistakes on a test. One part of the app allows students to check their writing assignments for spelling and grammar errors by either uploading a picture or typing in sentences. In the app’s main learning mode, under “Skills Mastery,” students can explore English Language Arts and Math drills, with explanations of all the answers after each multiple choice question. The other learning mode is “SBAC Practice,” which has detailed math and English problems to help students prepare for their standardized SBAC test. Lumos assistant allows students to verbally ask or take pictures of questions for a digital personal assistant to give answers and links to videos, worksheets, lessons, and questions to learn more.

Teachers: The app allows teachers to set up an account to access practice tests as well as access an assignment creation section, info about diagnosing learning difficulties, and tools to measure student progress. Teachers are greeted by an orientation video explaining what teachers can do with the app, things like creating student accounts, assigning worksheets and practice quizzes, seeing student progress, adding an image of their whiteboard as a viewable resource for students, and adding stickies to communicate with students. The blog section is personalized for teachers and also has some parent articles. Coherence maps let teachers see learning standards. Tests can be customized to allow or disallow things like retakes or results. Teachers have access to Lumos assistant as well, and our powerful search engine EdSearch (see later in post). Since teachers can assign tests, this can help students know what to study more for a test if they don’t do well.

Parents: The app allows parents to set up an account that mirrors the teacher portal. Parents can also find practice tests, info about diagnosing learning difficulties, custom assignments, and most of the other tools available to teachers using the app. Parents can use it to help students study with practice questions, or parents can use it to learn some math and English topics more in-depth to help tutor their child in difficult areas. There’s also an educational blog for parents. Much of the app is free, and some of it might require purchased access.

Lumos StepUp app, has many features, including EdSearch.

All three user types of the apps have access to a powerful free feature called EdSearch. This search engine is also on our website, and is a standards-aligned educational search engine with over a million resources that allows everyone to find resources related to math or English. For example, type in a keyword like “Algebra” and you’ll find Khan Academy, books, products, lessons with Powerpoints, worksheets, videos, questions, and more. EdSearch also allows picture searches. Whether poetry, fractions, nouns, or Romeo and Juliet, there’s a plethora of resources for everyone. The beauty of EdSearch is that it provides an option to display only educational-based resources, meaning it filters out other resources, allowing everyone to see the most relevant results. It’s great for finding worksheets for teachers or material that students can study for test prep.

Parents, students, and teachers have a lot of work to do, so we hope that by offering an app like Lumos StepUp English and Math Practice, and a search engine like EdSearch, we can help connect everyone to valuable resources they need to save time and help everyone learn as fast as possible so they can succeed in school and ace those tests.

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Kara Paul