Breaking the Barriers to Intervention with Lumos Learning Deep Remedial

As an educator, it can be difficult to determine what level of learning is best for each student. A teacher will try to teach all students on grade level and quickly realize that they are not on the same level.

Lumos Learning online has two separate modes of assigning lesson practice and assessments for students not mastering grade level content. The first level is that of Remedial Mode. In this mode, should a student not obtain the masterly level that the teacher has assigned, lessons will be assigned to assist the student in those standards that are needed for mastery. However, in most cases when intervention is necessary, a student may need to drop down to lower levels of learning to fill gaps and be on target for their current grade level.

In Lumos Learning, the newest level of remediation that has been developed is that of Deep Remedial.

When a student is assigned a lesson or assessment practice, the teacher can click on Deep Remedial.

As noted in the screenshot below, the teacher can determine a proficiency level for any additional lessons that might be needed based on the student’s performance.

The teacher then chooses the test mode, whether it be full or partial with a given number of questions determined by the teacher and assigned for each additional lesson.

By clicking on the “Trigger”, students can be assigned one, two or three grade levels below to assure mastery of previously taught objectives in prior grade levels. (This option is available for all grade levels except third grade. In third grade the only option currently is one grade level below.) The teacher can also choose the number of questions for these levels.

These additional remediation levels and lessons offer students a greater chance of success. Teachers can adjust their teaching to best meet the needs of individual students. Greater life-long learning will be obtainable resulting in higher success for all.


Bonnie McRae