Back to School: Tips for Parents

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It is almost that time of the year! That’s right! It’s the back-to-school season. It’s time to get kids ready with new dresses, backpacks, and other cool school supplies. As the summer break is coming to an end, for parents, it becomes impossible to handle all the stress. Does that mean you have to stop enjoying last few days of the break and start running behind things? Of course not! Preparing for the new school year in an organized and planned way is the only solution to beat the stress. With this blog, we hope to help you with all of your back-to-school needs.

Following are some pro-tips from many parent bloggers on how to efficiently prepare for the busiest season of the 2018-19 school year.



Warming up to the early morning routines!

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The very first challenge every mom faces is to get the child back to school routine after an amazing ‘stay-up-late’ summer break. To avoid the unpleasant waking up experience on the first day of the school, you can start getting your child to follow the new bedtime schedule at least a week before school starts. Early to bed and early to rise is always a great habit to follow.

Establishing Homework Routines

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Children are likely to get frustrated with the increase in homework schedules. Also, their lack of motivation towards completing the homeworks might cause disruptions in your family’s schedules. To avoid this, encourage them to complete their homeworks by removing the distractions, rewarding them for their accomplishments and for finishing their tasks.
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Planning Budget Shopping

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Is it necessary to buy new notebooks, dresses, pencils, markers etc. every year? Check your school supplies before getting started on your back-to-school shopping, You’ll be amazed to see that you already have half the number of school supplies leftover from the previous year. You can also make your children try out their old dresses, ask other parents if they are ready to participate in swapping clothes. Sell the unused and unwanted goodies.

Come Up with Healthy and Tasty School Lunch Ideas

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Nutritious food is the one which has enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates for the growth of children. Also the ones children run away from! Preparing nutritious food which is tasty is actually catch 22! What if it could get tasty, healthy, simple and fun? Here are such cool lunch ideas brought for you!!

  1. Mini Pizzas with whole grain Tortillas, Mozzarella cheese and Marinara sauce.
  2. Tacos with Whole Grain Tortillas, Lean Ground Turkey (or Lean Ground Beef), Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes.
  3. Quinoa Pasta with Parmesan Cheese, Zucchini Chips (or any veggie your child likes) and Chicken Sausage.
  4. Pinwheel Ham, Mozzarella String Cheese and Hummus Sandwich on a Whole Grain Wrap, with a Side of Apple Slices, Almond Butter and Baby Carrots.
  5. Breakfast Sandwich on a Whole Grain Bagel Thin, with One Whole Egg and a Slice of Thin Cut Cheese with a Side of Plain Low Greek Yogurt with Berries.

Hope these lunch ideas will help you prepare healthy, tasty, and nutritious lunches for your child.

Maintain Proper Communication with Teachers

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New year, new grade and new teachers! Abide by your teacher’s approved mode of communication. Respond and communicate at the right time. Remember that your children are not the only students they have. Respect their time, be patient, and pay attention to the tone in which you are communicating with them. Be thankful.

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