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To Diagnose and Remediate Summer Slide

Back-to-School workbook

    Review of previous grade concepts

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    Targeted remedial practice

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An Online Back-to-School Refresher Program
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A Free Diagnostic Test
to Measure the Extent of Summer Learning Loss

Back-to-School Worksheet

Take the diagnostic test and identify critical proficiency gaps

Get instant results and comprehensive diagnostic reports

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Back-to-School Refresher Worksheets

  • Lumos provides students with engaging free worksheets to overcome summer learning loss. These worksheets are designed to help grade 2 to 9 students retain their Math and English Language Arts skills from the previous grade and get familiar with next grade concepts.
Back-to-School Worksheet


Back-to-School is the period in which students and their parents purchase school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year.

Summer learning loss, also known as summer slide, is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer vacation in countries that have long breaks in the school year.

Lumos Back-to-School refresher program helps parents determine the extent of learning loss of their kid with the help of a robust diagnostic test and addresses the learning gaps with targeted & personalized remedial practice.

A diagnostic test is designed to identify specific learning deficiencies in a particular individual at one particular stage of a learning lesson. Hence, specific efforts could be made to overcome those deficiencies.

As per research, students tend to lose 2.6 months of maths and 2 months of reading skills during the summer. The Lumos Back-to-school program helps your child overcome the learning loss and prepare them for the new grade by boosting their confidence and learning.

When you subscribe to the Lumos Back-To-School program, you also get access to the year-long test prep solution, which helps your child prepare for their upcoming state assessments and improve their scores by 15-25%.