“Summer Learning Headstart is an excellent tool for parents, students, and teachers to help beat the “summer slide”. Evidence shows that students lose 4-6 weeks of learning over the summer. By using the workbooks in this series, students will be able to overcome this obstacle and be fresh and ready for the new school year. The workbooks includes separate sections for parents, students, and teachers with detailed ideas of how to use the contents. There is daily practice for reading, language, or math with an answer key and detailed explanation, all aligned to the Common Core Standards.The Reading workbook provides information for parents to assist students with the all important skills of citing evidence from the text, summarizing, and making inferences. Aside from the written practice, there are also many creative ideas for ways to keep kids challenged and focused on learning throughout the summer months such as trips to museums, zoos, or nature walks. The workbooks also provide the information for accessing Lumos Online. As a teacher, I strongly recommend this series.”


Amrit Singh