GMAS Sample Questions: Grade 8 ELA

The GMAS is a Computer-Based Longitudinal Assessment System for College and Career Readiness. The students will face a variety of new technology-enhanced questions as a part of the computer-based tests.

Some of them are Multiple choice-single correct responses, Multiple choice-multiple correct responses, Matching Tables, Drag and Drop, Hot text, Table Fill in, Graphing, Equation/numeric, Extended constructed response, Short answer, and many more.

Today, we will share several sample questions along with practice test links for grade 8 English Language Arts that gives you an idea of questions that your students are likely to see on the test. After each sample question, an explanation follows that includes any important aspects of the task that you may need to consider with respect to the skills, processes, and information your students need to know.

Domain: Grade 8 >> Reading Standards for Literature

Sample Question: King Edward was a lover of all kinds of sport; one day, he and his noblemen sat watching wild, savage lions fighting each other in the enclosure below. Amongst the noblemen sat Count Orlaf beside a beautiful and lively lady, whom he loved and hoped to marry. The lions roared and bit and tore each other with savage fury, until the king said to the noblemen, “Gentlemen, let’s eat!”

Based on the description above, what other activity might King Edward enjoy viewing?

  1. a play
  2. a concert
  3. an archery contest
  4. a parade

Answer Explanation: Answer choice C is correct. At the beginning of the passage the reader is told the King enjoys watching sports. Archery is the only sport listed in the choices. Answers A, B, and D are incorrect as they are not sports.

Standards: ELAGSE8RL1

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Domain: Grade 8 >> Reading Standards for Informational Text

Sample Question: Excerpt from the Foreward of A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

My first recollection of Captain Carter is of the few months he spent at my father’s home in Virginia, just prior to the opening of the civil war. I was then a child of but five years, yet I well remember the tall, dark, smooth-faced, athletic man whom I called Uncle Jack.

He seemed always to be laughing; and he entered into the sports of the children with the same hearty good fellowship he displayed toward those pastimes in which the men and women of his own age indulged; or he would sit for an hour at a time entertaining my old grandmother with stories of his strange, wild life in all parts of the world. We all loved him, and our slaves fairly worshiped the ground he trod.

He was a splendid specimen of manhood, standing a good two inches over six feet, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, with the carriage of the trained fighting man. His features were regular and clear cut, his hair black and closely cropped, while his eyes were of a steel gray, reflecting a strong and loyal character, filled with fire and initiative. His manners were perfect, and his courtliness was that of a typical southern gentleman of the highest type.

Based on the evidence in the text, what can you determine about Captain Carter’s personality?

  1. He was a happy man.
  2. He was a hard worker.
  3. He was ready to go to war.
  4. none of the above

Answer Explanation: Answer choice A is the correct answer because the text states that, “He seemed always to be laughing…” and continued to discuss how he engaged happily with the children. Answers B and C are incorrect because there is no evidence to support those conclusions.

Standards: ELAGSE8RI1

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Domain: Grade 8 >> Writing Standards

Sample Question: Which of the following is the best way to begin a closing sentence?

  1. The second reason is…
  2. Next…
  3. Meanwhile…
  4. As a result…

Answer Explanation: Answer choice D is correct. The words “as a result” wrap up ideas previously stated in an essay or paper.

Standards: W.8.1

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Domain: Grade 8 >> Language Standards

Sample Question: What is the adjective in the following sentence?

Although her husband claims their dog is one of the smartest breeds, Caroline was fairly certain he is mistaken.

  1. claims
  2. smartest
  3. fairly
  4. certain

Answer Explanation: Answer choice B is correct. The word “smartest” is a superlative adjective describing the breed.

Standards: L.8.1

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Looking for online practice tests? Here is the link to practice more of GMAS Grade 8 English Language Arts questions.


Jaci Smith