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By English Lessons with Adam - Learn English with Adam [engVid]

Youve seen the words other, the other, and another before, but in this lesson youll see how they are used to identify numbers (plural/singular), a prior reference, and as transitions in essays, such as those on the IELTS and TOEFL. Youll also understand how to use otherwise and other than as expressions.

Subject Complements

By MUHSonline

This video clearly explains how a complement renames the subject of a sentence. Also, it reviews the different linking verbs which come before the subject complement.

10. English Grammar Lesson. Participial Phrases Set Off by Commas

By mrthoth

In this video, the instructor explains what participial phrases are and provides examples of sentences with participial phrases. In his explanation, he also addresses clauses.

Appositive Phrases

By Diana Campbell

This video defines an appositive as a noun phrase that appears beside another noun or pronoun to identify it further. Some examples show appositive phrases that combine sentences. Also, the lesson covers the definition and punctuation of essential and nonessential phrases.


By Mometrix Academy

This video goes over a few rules for how to use apostrophes to show possession.

i.e. vs e.g. | Basic English Grammar Rules | ESL | SAT | TOEFL

By Socratica

This video distinguishes between two abbreviations by first giving their Latin origins: e.g. as exempli gratia, and i.e. as id est. It explains the difference these two as that between "for example" and "that is".

How to Use a Semicolon in Bible Scripture

By eHow

In Bible scripture, semicolons were used to join phrases and place emphasis on what the scripture was trying to say. Discover how semicolons insinuate a deeper meaning with help from a certified tutor in this video clip.

Parenthetical (In-Text) Citations - MLA Style

By EnglishI PLC

This instructional video demonstrates how to properly format parenthetical citations- how to cite sources within the body of the text of a paper.

Reading Comprehension: Greek Root Words

By Educator

This video reviews several Greek roots and shows how they can form familiar and new words in English such as megaphone and sympathy.

Using context clues to guess unknown words (1/2) — synonyms and antonyms

By Snap Language

This video addresses the problem of stopping to look up unknown words while reading. It encourages the use of context clues such as finding a synonym or an antonym.