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The Top 10 Homeschool History Comparison Review (Social Studies | Geography) - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

The Top 10 Homeschool History Comparison Review (Social Studies | Geography) - By Lumos Learning

00:0-1 Hey , guys , welcome to my YouTube channel .
00:01 Home School on My name is Rebecca Homeschool , mom
00:05 of five young Children , and this is my final
00:08 video in a series that I have been doing .
00:10 Reviewing elementary homeschool curriculum so far we have the top
00:15 10 homeschool math curriculum comparison review . We have done
00:19 the top science , the top language arts , and
00:22 I'm finishing it off with our top history program .
00:26 So if you have been in the market for anything
00:29 for elementary ages , then you're gonna want to check
00:31 out the series of videos , which is going to
00:33 give you some insight just into some of the more
00:35 popular ones that are out there . There's always ones
00:38 that were missing . There's always new ones coming out
00:40 , so there's lots and lots of resources available ,
00:43 but it will give you a glimpse , at least
00:44 into some of the different styles that are available .
00:47 One of the things to keep in mind is that
00:49 the curriculum I'm showing you today is not being shown
00:51 in any particular order . It's not my favorite .
00:54 To my least favorite . It's not , um ,
00:57 the number one to the number 10 is just in
01:00 random order of what I thought was fair because I've
01:03 done four of these videos . I'm trying to kind
01:06 of alternate what I show first . So there's no
01:08 preferential anything in the order of what I'm showing you
01:12 . I'm trying to actually keep my personal opinion out
01:14 as much as possible so that you can make a
01:16 decision based on what you see , rather than what
01:19 I might feel or be telling you , because all
01:21 of our home schools are very , very different .
01:23 So keep that in mind when you go through it
01:25 , look for something that excites you . Look for
01:28 something that inspires you . Look for something that your
01:30 kids love or want to try . Let's get into
01:33 it . I have a whole bunch to show you
01:35 , and I'm gonna try to move fairly quickly .
01:36 But remember , you can always pause a screenshot table
01:39 of contents or anything else . And don't forget that
01:42 all the links for these curriculum companies and some coupon
01:45 codes as well are in the description of this video
01:49 below . So let's get started . All right ,
01:54 so the first curriculum we're gonna be talking about is
01:56 BJ . You press home school and they have a
02:00 whole bunch of different resources available for all your subjects
02:02 for all your grades . And they have textbooks .
02:05 They've got tests and answer keys and everything that you
02:08 need from student workbooks . Um , and for all
02:11 of your age is so there's a lot of resources
02:13 available that you may want to go and check out
02:16 . One thing to keep in mind when you're looking
02:18 is that they have both print as well as online
02:21 options . So they're online options . You actually get
02:24 to sit down with the teacher and watch videos and
02:27 do online quizzes and just , you know , work
02:30 through some of the online modules , which takes away
02:32 some of the teaching off of you as the parent
02:35 . So the one that I have right here is
02:37 Heritage studies six . So this is their social studies
02:40 curriculum for grades six , which is our upper level
02:43 of elementary . But I wanted to make sure I
02:45 showed you guys a good range . So let's take
02:47 a look at some of the features of BJ .
02:49 You press home school . So one of the first
02:51 things is , who is this going to work the
02:54 best for ? I think after looking through this ,
02:57 especially if you're getting the on line component or reading
03:00 it aloud to your child or having them read it
03:02 aloud . I think it's gonna work really well for
03:04 visual and auditory learners because they're gonna see it's full
03:09 of pictures . But they're also gonna get to hear
03:11 it if they're doing that online component as well .
03:14 So I think it's gonna be a great fit for
03:16 those learning styles . Price point . So it's about
03:19 $299 if you're wanting the complete kit , which comes
03:24 with the answer keys , which comes with all of
03:27 your different activities and which comes with your textbook and
03:32 your student notebook . So all the things that you
03:34 need are included , and then you also have the
03:37 online videos and the online quizzes . So that is
03:40 299 . That being said as a home schooler ,
03:43 there is a more affordable option . You can also
03:45 just go print , get the tests and quizzes and
03:48 everything else , do it all yourself , and now
03:50 you're gonna be looking at less than $140 so you
03:54 can go and check out on their site . See
03:55 the different options that are available . I'm gonna show
03:57 you just a little bit of what the videos are
03:59 like so you can get a glimpse of them .
04:01 I like how they have a little bit of teaching
04:03 , but then they also mix it up with some
04:05 slides . So your kids are actually getting to visually
04:07 see what they're talking about while they're teaching it .
04:10 It's just it's well done . So if you are
04:13 needing something that is more hands off for you as
04:16 a teacher , if you need something that your kids
04:18 can work on more independently , then BJ , you
04:22 press home school may be a good fit for you
04:24 because your kids can work on it online and they
04:27 can work through their textbook , and they can work
04:29 through their notebook and know exactly what is expected of
04:32 them . This is also gonna work really well ,
04:34 if you have any sort of , um , state
04:37 requirements where you have to show samples or proof of
04:40 work or tests or do grading . Um , if
04:43 you have those kind of requirements where you live ,
04:45 then something like this is gonna work well because it's
04:48 a little bit more traditional in its approach , and
04:50 you're going to have that proof you're gonna have the
04:52 quizzes and tests and the grades and the marks to
04:54 show for what you are learning . It's the most
04:57 important thing about this curriculum . I feel like that
04:59 , we need to point out , is the biblical
05:01 worldview . And I'm gonna be talking as well about
05:04 which programs today are secular and which ones are Christian
05:08 . This is definitely definitely Christian , and I love
05:11 that about it . It's built into all of their
05:13 texts . And so if you are looking for something
05:16 that is a biblical worldview , then this may be
05:19 a really good history program for your family . All
05:25 right , so the next one we're gonna be talking
05:26 about is sunlight . Now , I have talked about
05:29 sunlight before today , I'm gonna be showing you one
05:32 of their history ones , which is the intro to
05:35 world history . This is your one of two .
05:37 So this is level . See , this would be
05:39 for around 6 to 8 years old . So if
05:42 you're looking for something for that earlier elementary , this
05:45 may be what you're looking for . But remember that
05:47 if you go onto their site , you can get
05:49 the year two of two or you can get one
05:52 of their higher level one . So they have programs
05:55 for pretty much every single grade for every single subject
05:59 on their site . So this will give you an
06:00 idea of the flavor of it . But if you
06:02 like the flavor of it , you're gonna want to
06:04 go and see what they have and check out some
06:05 of their free samples . All right , so one
06:07 of the things that I really love about sunlight is
06:09 that it is a multi subject approach . It also
06:12 can work for multiple ages . So this doesn't just
06:16 cover your history . This is going to cover your
06:18 history , your Bible as well as you're reading .
06:21 So when you go when you look , you're going
06:23 to notice that it has grade one to grade two
06:25 and grade three readers . You can choose their reading
06:28 level , and you're gonna get a reading kit attached
06:30 that they can read alongside of their history . So
06:34 you're gonna read books to them . They are going
06:37 to be doing different activity sheets and projects throughout this
06:40 as well as their Bible , and they are also
06:43 getting to do some independent reading on their own ,
06:46 so it makes it a little bit more well rounded
06:48 and kind of almost that unit study approach , which
06:50 is really great because you're teaching more things than just
06:53 one thing . Another thing I love about it is
06:55 the fact that this is this is geared towards kids
06:58 6 to 8 years old , so it's very easy
07:00 to adapt and use for multiple ages . You could
07:03 use this for a younger age of that spectrum .
07:05 You can use it for older kids as well .
07:07 They're gonna get a ton out of it . The
07:08 books are very high quality literature , and that brings
07:11 me to the third thing I love about sunlight ,
07:13 which is the literature based approach . I love the
07:16 massive package of books that you get with it .
07:18 They're high quality . Someone's done all the work of
07:20 picking them out for you . You get them at
07:22 a really reasonable rate , and they're all just there
07:25 . You're building a library at the same time ,
07:27 and I personally value that a lot . So I
07:30 love those components of this . It's definitely more Charlotte
07:33 Mason and literature based in its home school style .
07:37 And because you're reading aloud to your kids . Plus
07:39 they're doing hands on activities and they get to look
07:43 at the same time through all these amazing high quality
07:45 books . It is very , very adaptable for multiple
07:49 different learning styles . I would say sunlight is one
07:52 of those programs that could be used for all three
07:54 learning styles and that any kid could really enjoy as
07:57 long as we have the attention span to sit and
08:01 listen to you read it . So those are the
08:04 things that I really , really love about it .
08:05 So price point . Obviously , with all these amazing
08:09 books that you're getting , you're looking at a higher
08:11 price point just because of what you're getting . So
08:13 $472 is the price for just the intro to world
08:17 history and that gets you all of these books here
08:21 . I'm actually even missing one that my kids took
08:23 off with and read somewhere and it's gone . But
08:25 you're getting a ton of books with it , and
08:26 that is where that value and price point is coming
08:28 from . So something to keep in mind . I
08:31 do believe that they also have payment plans available ,
08:33 and so and there's sales and different things you can
08:36 watch for , so definitely keep that in mind .
08:38 check them out if you're interested . And don't forget
08:41 that you can combine your kids , which can make
08:43 that price point come down a lot more if you're
08:45 using it for multiple Children . Alright , let's make
08:51 alright . The next curriculum company we're going to talk
08:53 about is the well trained mind . Now , the
08:57 one curriculum . I'm actually gonna be focusing in on
09:00 his story of the world , which this is a
09:01 really popular one that you have probably heard about .
09:04 If you have been dabbling your feet in home schooling
09:06 for any length of time , it's really , really
09:08 popular . It is a classical approach to home schooling
09:12 in that there's a four year cycle and you can
09:15 go back through that cycle , Um , depending on
09:17 the different stages of the classical method of education .
09:21 So it's really well done . It's really in depth
09:23 . It's also done in a story format which is
09:26 very popular with home school families . It's easy to
09:29 digest and understand . Lots of kids really , really
09:31 love it . It has activity books they can be
09:33 coloring while they're listening . It has , um ,
09:36 the audio so you can actually just put it on
09:39 for them and you don't even have to be the
09:41 one reading it , or they can be reading it
09:43 . So because of those different things , it works
09:45 well with kids that are more auditory . But they
09:48 also have lots and lots of hands on applications that
09:52 you can add to it . So that also makes
09:54 it work well for kids that are more kinesthetic .
09:56 So depending on how you use it would mean who
09:59 is going to work the best for whether it's more
10:01 kinesthetic or auditory learners . But it is a very
10:04 adaptable program . The price point for this is about
10:08 $96 and that's going to get you the audio and
10:13 the book and the activity pages and the teacher book
10:17 . It's gonna give you everything that you need .
10:19 If you just want the book , you can also
10:21 get these all separately , so it's a fairly affordable
10:24 history option . One of the things that's great about
10:26 it is that if you have a larger family ,
10:29 you could do this as an entire family . You
10:32 can have your kids working on coloring or doing their
10:34 student , you know , pages , activity pages .
10:37 While you're listening to an audiobook and having a snack
10:40 . I mean It's very , very easy to implement
10:42 and check off your history in a way that's digestible
10:46 and interesting . So that's why a lot of families
10:48 really , really love it . And so you can
10:50 kind of catch a glimpse of what is included and
10:54 what that looks like inside . So what I love
10:57 about this is that when you can turn on audio
10:59 , any of these that have audio is a huge
11:01 plus for me or for anyone that has a big
11:03 family , because you can turn it on . It
11:06 makes it less teacher intensive , which takes some of
11:08 that load off your shoulders . Now , something that
11:11 you need to keep in mind is that this is
11:12 more of a neutral worldview , so lots of secular
11:15 families use it . It does talk about Christianity ,
11:18 but it also talks about other religions , and so
11:21 it tries to keep it more neutral and like you
11:23 as the parent , be the teacher in respect to
11:26 how you're going to introduce it or talk about it
11:28 with discussion with your kids . So it's again if
11:31 you're a secular home schooler and looking for an option
11:33 . Lots of secular homeschoolers really like story of the
11:36 world so that's something to keep in mind . Lastly
11:40 , they have been super generous and offered a 20%
11:43 off coupon code for any of their story of the
11:45 world resources volume 123 or four . So if you
11:49 use Rebecca Spooner , 19 , you're gonna get 20%
11:52 off , and they have made that good all the
11:54 way until April 2020 . So if you're watching this
11:57 video and it's been months since it's been posted ,
12:00 you can still use that coupon code and get a
12:03 20% discount off of Story of the world . So
12:06 that's just huge , huge value to you , and
12:08 I'm really excited about that . So check out the
12:09 link in the description below . Alright , the next
12:15 one we're going to talk about is truth , quest
12:17 history . Now I have to be honest as a
12:21 home schooler who was home schooled and reviews curriculum .
12:24 I kind of get into this little lol where I'm
12:26 like I've tried everything , and this was one I
12:29 had never tried before . Somebody actually brought it up
12:31 to me and said , Can you review this ?
12:33 And I was like , Yes , I can .
12:35 So I am super excited to have the chance the
12:37 opportunity to leave through it , see what it's like
12:39 inside . I'm really liking what I see . It's
12:42 one of those programs that is , you know ,
12:45 for a lot of families , I can see that
12:47 are more like me and want more freedom and flexibility
12:50 and just the baseline there to be able to take
12:51 it where they want to take it in discussion and
12:54 let it be more of a family led curriculum .
12:57 This is the one for you , so I'm going
12:59 to talk about it and take you through all of
13:02 the different details of this program . So the first
13:05 thing is , the price 10.29 95 gets you this
13:08 right here , which is technically everything that you need
13:10 . There is also some additional resources you can get
13:13 for lap booking and note booking and timeline resources .
13:16 Those are super affordable . It's like $39 . This
13:21 is not just biblical worldview . This is . This
13:24 is not just coming from the source of Of of
13:27 God of Christianity . This is history through the lens
13:32 of Christianity , and there are a few different social
13:35 studies programs that do this . This is something like
13:37 mystery of history , which I do not have to
13:38 show you just super disappointed about , Um , but
13:42 some of these programs Master Books is another one where
13:44 they choose to teach history through the lens of the
13:48 Bible and everything from the perspective of God and how
13:52 God is seen all throughout history . So it's one
13:55 of those really special . I think gems , especially
13:58 for Christian families that are looking for something that is
14:00 , is gonna , in some ways combined , I
14:03 guess Bible and history and show them how those two
14:06 things integrate . So I think it's really , really
14:08 unique . In that sense , this is recommended for
14:10 grades five through 12 . However , there is adaptations
14:13 . There's books for all the way down to kindergarten
14:16 , so they definitely keep in mind younger ages .
14:19 It's just for your kids that are really gonna be
14:21 learning the concepts there deeper concepts than generally you're looking
14:25 at around that Grade five middle school age range for
14:28 them to start to really be able to pull in
14:31 as much as they possibly can . So that would
14:34 be one thing I would recommend is that if you're
14:35 using this with a large family , I would make
14:38 sure that your oldest is at least within this age
14:41 range , and then use it with your younger ones
14:43 as well . But if you are , if your
14:45 kids are all really , really young , I personally
14:47 would probably wait until they were a bit older ,
14:49 so that when we go through it for the first
14:51 time , we're getting value out of it . It
14:53 will work great for multiple kids . You can do
14:55 it with multiple kids together , and it's very discussion
14:58 based very , very interesting in the way that it's
15:01 written very conversational tone is not boring . Um ,
15:05 it's written like someone is talking to you and so
15:08 I think it's really , um , unique . I
15:10 think it's incredibly unique in the way that it's written
15:12 and laid out , and I'm super impressed with what
15:15 I see . So it's very literature based as well
15:17 . So you have that classical component , but you
15:19 also have the Charlotte Mason literature based component . And
15:22 unlike some of the other programs that include all these
15:25 books , they give you book lists and they give
15:27 you as the parent flexibility to go and choose what
15:30 you want to assign to your kids to read ,
15:32 so you're going to do little bits of digging and
15:35 of learning . And then you're going to assign them
15:37 books that are going to , um , you know
15:40 , just to help them grow in those different areas
15:42 and everything , Everything pointing back to their faith .
15:47 It also ties in multiple other things like drama ,
15:49 art and literature so that they are getting more than
15:53 just history . They're getting all those other subjects similar
15:56 to some of the other ones as well a little
15:58 bit like a unit study . And I love that
16:00 it makes it really rich in what they're getting .
16:02 So if you're interested in this or want to see
16:04 more or want to check it out , then I
16:07 do have affiliate link that is posted in the description
16:10 of this video below . So go check it out
16:12 . And otherwise you can go to their website and
16:14 see what other programs they offer and how it works
16:18 more in depth . Alright , the next one I'm
16:22 gonna show you is from my father's world . So
16:24 the one that I have is adventures in U .
16:26 S . History again . My father's world is incredibly
16:29 biblical worldview in everything that they do . And so
16:33 you're gonna see how this brings in the Charlotte Mason
16:36 approach , but also brings in nearly all of your
16:39 subjects into just this history program . So it brings
16:43 in all sorts of different things . They're doing nature
16:46 studies . They're doing note booking . They're doing time
16:48 lining . They're doing science . They're doing Bible .
16:50 They're doing history . They're doing geography . They're doing
16:53 social studies , Um , all throughout as well as
16:56 art . They're doing art , and it's got fantastic
16:59 art resources . So you have this multi subject approach
17:02 again . And like some of these more adaptable programs
17:06 , you also have the ability to use this with
17:08 multiple students . It is recommended for grades 2 to
17:10 3 , but I absolutely think you could use this
17:14 for , you know , grades 1 to 4 and
17:16 blend multiple kids together to get the most use out
17:18 of it . So there's readers . There's read aloud
17:21 . Everything that you need comes in this massive ,
17:24 huge box , and you can see here the massive
17:26 pile that I have . It's a ton , a
17:29 ton , a ton of books , and I want
17:31 to break down a little bit of this approach and
17:33 how it works . As far as learning styles .
17:35 My father's world has every learning style in it you've
17:38 got the beautiful pictures and the picture books you've got
17:41 , you know , songs you're listening to and you're
17:44 reading to your kids with these beautiful , real loud
17:46 and there's tons of hands on activities that they're doing
17:49 . So it really is a program that can be
17:52 completely adapted to suit any learning style . So I
17:56 think that makes it really , really easy to implement
17:59 in a home school and implement for multiple students ,
18:02 because all our kids are generally different learners . So
18:05 when you have something that's adaptable for multiple learning styles
18:08 , now there's a little bit of something in there
18:10 for everybody . So I think that makes it really
18:12 easy to use price point again because of the amount
18:15 of books that are included in This is Higher .
18:17 You're looking at about $429 for the complete kit ,
18:21 but again , that includes everything here . And remember
18:24 , if you are blending multiple kids , then that
18:27 brings your price point down as well . You're blending
18:30 so many subjects in there . All you really need
18:32 to add to this is language arts and math ,
18:35 and you are good to go for everything that you
18:37 need . So it's very , very comprehensive in what
18:40 you're getting and high value in what you're getting as
18:42 well . So if you like what you see and
18:44 you want to see more , you can go and
18:46 learn more on their website . I actually have a
18:48 unique landing page that you can shop from . And
18:51 if you shop from my landing page and get anything
18:54 from my father's world over 1 99 then you can
18:57 get their library tote bag for free so that to
19:02 get that you have to go to the link that
19:04 is in the description . Below is my father's world
19:06 . M f w books dot com forward slash home
19:10 school on That's going to take you to my landing
19:13 page again . The link is in the description and
19:15 you can get that Frito Peg if you shopped through
19:17 them and get any of their curriculums . So that's
19:20 a relief . Just fun option that they were super
19:22 generous to include . So go check it out .
19:24 See what you see again . They've got something for
19:27 every single level for every single subject . Check out
19:30 my father's world . All right , so the next
19:34 one I have to show you is Alpha Omega publishing
19:37 a o p dot com . And they have all
19:41 sorts of different resources from life packs like these right
19:44 here that have individual unit little notebooks that your kids
19:47 are going to work through independently on their own to
19:50 monarch , which is online that they would work through
19:53 , um , two switched on schoolhouse . They have
19:55 tons of different resources on their site . The ones
19:58 I'm showing you today are the Grade four history and
20:01 geography life packs . So this comes in a box
20:04 set , and when you open up the box ,
20:06 you're going to have a teacher's guide . That shows
20:08 you the scope and sequence and the answer key and
20:10 how to use it and market and all those different
20:13 things , as well as your 10 student units .
20:17 So essentially they're gonna be doing one of those books
20:19 every single month . And it works really , really
20:22 well for families that don't have a lot of time
20:25 that neither kids to work through something independent from them
20:28 . Because a lot of times , you know ,
20:29 we get so bogged down with with trying to do
20:32 all these hands on things with all of our kids
20:34 or we have so many kids or one kid needs
20:36 us more . And so it's nice sometimes to be
20:38 able to just say , Okay , just work in
20:40 your notebook . So it's definitely more independent student led
20:44 program rather than teacher led , and they're just going
20:47 to read and do their work . There's there's tests
20:50 and quizzes and everything else built right into their unit
20:54 . So there's no other books associated with it .
20:56 Very easy to take with you wherever you go ,
20:58 because it's one little notebook and to see and plot
21:01 what they're learning as far as learning style , it
21:04 works well for more visual learners because it's laid out
21:09 in a very visual way . Um , it's not
21:11 super hands on for those kinesthetic learners , but for
21:15 anyone that's looking for more traditional model of education ,
21:18 it is a great fit , and lots of people
21:20 love using the life packs . Alpha Omega Publishing is
21:22 a Christian company , so all of the life packs
21:25 have a very biblical worldview built right into them .
21:28 So if you are a Christian home schooler that's been
21:30 looking for something for history and geography , that's going
21:33 to kind of bring it all together than a life
21:36 pack might be a good fit for your family .
21:39 It's also gonna work really well for people that don't
21:42 have a lot of time or need their kids to
21:43 work on something independently . If you live in a
21:47 state or province that requires you to show proof of
21:49 work or to have , um , tests and quizzes
21:53 and grades for your child , then this is another
21:56 situation where something like a life pack would be a
21:58 really good fit for you , because it's going to
22:00 have that all there . So that is kind of
22:03 the situations that it works really well for and ones
22:06 that you might be interested in if you are more
22:09 kinesthetic hands on or wanting something that's more literature based
22:13 kind of thing . Um , then you may want
22:15 to check out one of the other ones , but
22:17 it gives you a really good idea of an option
22:19 that is pretty much entirely done by your student ,
22:22 and they have the younger ones as well . They're
22:24 done in a way that your kids can actually do
22:27 them . They're really not going to need a lot
22:29 of help from you . Even in the younger levels
22:31 . They do it very , very well so that
22:32 your kids generally get the feel and flow of it
22:35 and can just go . So in that sense ,
22:37 for anybody looking for independent is a great fit .
22:43 All right , so the next I'm going to show
22:44 you is America's story . And this is by Angela
22:47 Odell , the author of Math Lessons for a Living
22:50 Education , Um , as well as a bunch of
22:52 other books . She's written a lot of different things
22:54 . Um , now this is from Master books .
22:56 Master books for history Options has a lot . I
22:59 just pulled out one to show you because I'm trying
23:01 to show one from each company . But they also
23:03 have my story for younger grades . This is that
23:05 middle of your elementary age ranges , Um , and
23:10 then there's also resources for that middle school age .
23:12 So , um , so definitely . Go check them
23:15 out if you're looking for something on the younger older
23:17 range . But this will give you an idea of
23:19 a Charlotte Mason resource with a very , very biblical
23:21 worldview from master books dot com . So America's story
23:26 is written in a very conversational Charlotte Mason method .
23:30 All of the even worksheets and different things are going
23:33 to be doing . There's lots of questions for discussion
23:35 . There's oral narration . There's written narration , very
23:37 Charlotte Mason principles brought in there sketching and map work
23:41 brought into every single worksheet than lesson that they're doing
23:44 . So it's very well done in that way for
23:47 anyone that's looking for . A Charlotte Mason program is
23:50 designed for grades 3 to 6 , and price point
23:53 is around $70 if you're shopping somewhere else . But
23:56 on the Master Books website , there is a significant
23:58 discount on all of their books if you order direct
24:01 through them . Plus , they have free shipping different
24:03 things . Um , if you order over a certain
24:05 amount , so check it out first from their website
24:07 if you can . And if you live in Canada
24:09 or something , then you can also get it different
24:11 places like Amazon . They've got lots of different distributors
24:15 that they sell through , so you can check out
24:17 some other online stores as well to see if it's
24:19 available . One of the things that I love about
24:22 Angela's history series both this one and the older one
24:24 , is how many pictures are in it . It
24:27 is definitely a living book . It is full ,
24:30 full , full of pictures , and so just to
24:32 have your kids gather around and even look through the
24:34 pictures in this . I think it's fantastic , is
24:36 really well done . It's very interesting to read ,
24:39 is not dry , boring or dull . So if
24:41 you're looking for something that can be done even in
24:44 your morning basket with your kids , I think this
24:46 is a really good fit . So as far as
24:48 learning styles , if you're reading it to your kids
24:50 , is going to work for the auditory learners .
24:52 If you are having your kids look through the pictures
24:55 , it's gonna be a really great fit for those
24:57 visual learners . Kinesthetic . It's a little less hands
25:00 on as far as the make and build and do
25:03 . But they are doing sketching and written narration as
25:06 well . So there's a little bit of hands on
25:08 there . If your kids are artistic or really enjoy
25:10 to sketch that they would be doing in their student
25:13 notebooks , so I think it's super adaptable . I
25:16 think it's super adaptable to use , with multiple different
25:18 ages and a well done program that is an excellent
25:22 resource for American history . But remember they have their
25:25 world history as well as my story , which is
25:28 more community um and then global for the younger kids
25:33 . Um so if you're interested , go and check
25:36 them out and you can see a sample on the
25:38 website that will show you a lot more detail and
25:41 probably higher resolution of all of the different pages that
25:45 are in this amazing series . So go check it
25:47 out . Alright . The next one we have is
25:52 from Winter Promise . And this is hideaways in history
25:55 , which is a very Charlotte Mason approach kind of
25:59 unit study style . And it is engaging and visual
26:03 and also super hands on . So if you're looking
26:06 for something that's really , really hands on , one
26:09 of the first things that stood out to me when
26:10 I was looking through all the different resources that I
26:12 was sent was the hands on different forts that they
26:16 make that they're building once a week to go along
26:19 with what they're learning . So you're gonna be collecting
26:21 cardboard boxes and building forts and igloos and all sorts
26:24 of different things throughout the year , which I think
26:26 is really , really unique and hands on . So
26:28 again , if you have kids that are kinesthetic learners
26:32 , there's a lot of hands on activities that they
26:35 will get to do throughout this and experiments and different
26:37 things . So , um , definitely a program that's
26:40 going to be very well adapted to any learning style
26:43 super visual , great for auditory learners is written in
26:46 very kind of story way , um , so adaptable
26:49 for any learning style . So when you wanna winter
26:51 promise , if you look at the top menu ,
26:53 you'll see that they have themes , and they have
26:56 all different things again for all grades , all ages
26:59 and all different subjects . But their themes work and
27:02 coincide together . So if you were to get something
27:04 like hideaways in history , you can also get a
27:07 language arts program , and it will go along with
27:10 this . So it's really unique in that way that
27:12 they kind of help you put together your own custom
27:16 unit that all integrates so lots of great resources you
27:19 can see through here some of the different ways that
27:22 it works and what the books look like . And
27:25 some of the different activities that you would be doing
27:27 and how easy the guide is laid out for you
27:29 . It's super easy . You just open and go
27:31 , and so it's just a great program . Um
27:34 if you are looking for something that's more hands on
27:37 and engaging to do with the younger elementary age kids
27:42 that you can do with multiple kids at the same
27:44 time , Price point is about $229 . If you
27:48 want to get the print version here , they also
27:51 have add ons available . They have a science book
27:53 that you can get as well . That would go
27:55 along with this and bring in some nature study type
27:58 stuff . So there's lots of different resources you can
28:00 check out on their website as well as seeing samples
28:04 and learning more about the program frequently asked questions .
28:06 It's all on there , so definitely go and check
28:08 it out and see what you think the next one
28:13 I want to talk to you about is not grass
28:14 history now . This was my number one requested history
28:17 program to review and of course , as things would
28:21 just happen to pan out , we had shipping difficulties
28:24 like two different times . We had shipping difficulties ,
28:26 but I am not going to go through this without
28:29 reviewing them because you so wanted to see it and
28:32 I so wanted to see it , so I went
28:34 and actually looked at the samples that they have available
28:36 on their website , the one that I was dying
28:38 to see because I already lived through it at a
28:40 homeschool convention . And by the way , it's amazing
28:43 is Our Star Spangled Story . So this is again
28:48 U . S history for early elementary grades 1 to
28:52 4 again , adaptable again unit study . It combines
28:56 rich literature that you can do together with multiple ages
29:00 of kids altogether . It has poetry in it .
29:03 Very Charlotte Mason . It's written in a very story
29:06 way living book , tons of pictures , lots of
29:09 discussion questions . I was really , really , really
29:12 impressed by it . And so I decided to go
29:14 and see what they had on their site . And
29:16 actually , if you go to their site when you
29:18 go and you're learning about it , you can actually
29:20 see a sample of every single resource even listening to
29:24 the actual CD that comes with it to see what
29:27 it looks like . So I'm gonna show you through
29:29 a few of those different things so you can get
29:32 an idea of how rich this program is and why
29:36 I think it would be a fantastic fit for any
29:39 homeschool family that has multiple homeschool styles that is looking
29:43 for something Charlotte Mason that is looking for something that
29:46 is engaging but not too time intensive . I love
29:49 how it's only three days a week . I think
29:51 that , um , a lot of those history ,
29:53 social studies , um , science . There's no reason
29:56 for us to have to do everything every day .
29:59 And so I think there is very , very adaptable
30:01 in that and saves us a lot of time at
30:04 home schoolers . So I think that's fantastic . Um
30:06 , I think that it works well with blending your
30:09 kids . I think that it works well for parents
30:11 that don't have a lot of time . I think
30:13 it works well when you want to blend in those
30:15 different subjects and have those bouncing points of discussion because
30:19 there's lots of great discussion questions throughout tons of great
30:22 pictures . It's just really , really well done .
30:25 I feel like I want to drink tea and do
30:27 this program . There's also a timeline book that you
30:30 can get to go along with it , and this
30:32 is unique again because for that grades 1 to 4
30:35 for those younger kids , sometimes it's daunting to have
30:37 to put together their own timeline . And this is
30:40 done with the timeline book with beautiful pictures . All
30:42 illustrated that you would look through and find the different
30:45 periods in time you're learning about as you're going through
30:47 it without you having to actually create it , which
30:49 I think is super age appropriate for grades 1 to
30:51 4 . Um , it just takes away again for
30:54 us as the parents , the idea of having to
30:56 go and create and print or cut or any of
31:00 that stuff and just makes it all accessible , open
31:02 and go . There's nothing you need to grab or
31:04 do . It's a very easy to implement program and
31:07 one that I think is fantastic for any learning style
31:11 and in multiple multiple kids , families that are trying
31:15 to home school more than one . The other thing
31:17 that's great about not Grass is it's fairly affordable .
31:19 $85 to get the entire kit is crazy , affordable
31:24 , and they also have this literature connection so you
31:26 could do these amazing read aloud that are high quality
31:30 throughout the year . They're going to coincide with the
31:32 program , So if you're interested in checking out these
31:34 samples for yourself , click on my link below .
31:36 That's my affiliate link , and that's gonna take you
31:39 to their site and let you see through these samples
31:41 for yourself . All right , The last one I'm
31:46 gonna show you today is curiosity chronicles . Now ,
31:50 this was another one that was new for me ,
31:51 and this is one of the resources . In fact
31:54 , we have shown you a neutral option that is
31:56 used by secular homeschoolers . This is the other one
31:59 that is used by secular homeschoolers . So it is
32:02 a secular history option for families , and it's very
32:06 unique from any of the other ones I've shown ,
32:08 Even though some are story based , this one is
32:10 actually done as a dialogue . So it's between two
32:13 people and they talk to one another , and it
32:16 actually lays it out almost like a script they also
32:18 have . When you purchase it , there is an
32:20 audio that goes along with it . So you could
32:22 read it with your kids or you could actually just
32:25 play the audio and have it be read to them
32:28 , which is great . There's also an additional timeline
32:31 resource so they could be building their own timeline all
32:33 built into it . And there's all sorts of different
32:35 hands on activities again , choose to do them ,
32:38 choose to not do them . Um , there's lots
32:40 of different books and extra resources that you can add
32:42 to it , but I think it's unique . I
32:44 think it's engaging because you have that dialogue . It
32:47 can make anything . Dialogue can make anything interesting when
32:49 it's done in a way that's kind of funny and
32:51 humorous and keeps kids connected to what they're learning .
32:54 And this definitely does it . So I think that's
32:57 very unique about it . So curiosity chronicles is classical
33:01 in its approach . It has a four year cycle
33:04 that it goes through so again you would do it
33:06 . And then you could go through it again when
33:08 your kids are a little bit older and that's designed
33:11 kind of with the same classical method of education and
33:15 the different stages that they go through . So that's
33:18 the home school style is best suited for , But
33:20 again , I can see this being used by any
33:22 family with any home school style because it's got so
33:24 many hands on components of different things you can do
33:27 . This would also be really adaptable to use with
33:30 any learning style . I can't see one that is
33:32 more geared towards than another . I think with the
33:34 audio component , I think with the hands on activities
33:37 and the pictures in the book that you're getting really
33:39 all three learning styles built in one , which makes
33:41 it more adaptable for multiple kids . The other thing
33:44 that makes that great is that again . You can
33:46 use this for multiple students altogether , which is fantastic
33:49 when you can combine your kids and save yourself .
33:52 That extra time price point is $95 for everything that
33:57 I showed you and that gets you an entire year
34:00 that you can use with your family , including the
34:02 different resources like the audio book and the timeline resource
34:05 that are given to you as a digital resource when
34:08 you purchase . So the other thing I'm super excited
34:11 about is that they have also offered to give a
34:13 generous coupon code . So if you click on the
34:17 link below in the description and you use the coupon
34:21 code homeschool on 15% then you're gonna get 15% off
34:26 your order on their store , and that is good
34:28 until the end of December 2019 . You can learn
34:32 more on their website . So if you're interested in
34:33 curiosity chronicles , go and check them out . So
34:36 there you have it . That is a whole whack
34:38 of curriculum that I got to show you inside today
34:41 . Again , this barely scratches the surface . There's
34:43 a lot more I didn't get to . I was
34:45 really hoping to include mystery of history , which I
34:47 used to have , but I lent out to my
34:49 mother and I never got it back . So apparently
34:52 it's being redone . I think it is redone ,
34:55 and so I'm really excited to see it and hope
34:58 to be able to show it to you , maybe
35:00 down the road . But another fantastic program that you
35:03 probably should go and check out just added to the
35:05 list of products that you want to look into .
35:08 But again , there's lots and lots of other resources
35:10 . If you want to know any personal recommendations ,
35:12 please feel free to send me a message on my
35:15 Facebook page . Or you can email me Rebecca at
35:18 home school on dot com . I hope this helps
35:20 you in your shopping endeavors . I know it's really
35:23 overwhelming choosing curriculum , and I encourage you that look
35:26 for what sparks your interest look for what sparks your
35:28 kids interest . Try to combine those together as much
35:31 as you can so that you aren't going crazy and
35:33 your kids are going crazy and you're gonna have a
35:35 great home school year . So deep breaths you can
35:38 do this . Go have some fun shopping online on
35:41 their different sites . Don't buy anything without your husband
35:43 knowing and keep calm in home school on .


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