ACT Aspire 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in K-12 | Lumos Learning

ACT Aspire 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - Free Educational videos for Students in k-12

ACT Aspire 2020-21 Blueprint and Best Practices | 10 Min. webinar organized by EdShorts - By Lumos Learning

00:06 mhm . Hello ? Hello . Hello , everyone .
00:14 And welcome to our next red shorts . Webinar and
00:17 session . Ed Schwartz's community for educators and school leaders
00:20 devoted to sharing insights and ideas through bite sized ,
00:23 power packed free webinars meant to inspire conversation , encourage
00:27 innovation and create connections . The topic for today's session
00:29 is going to be the act Aspire . 2020 2021
00:33 . Best Practices in Blueprints to introduce our presenter .
00:37 That's going to be my colleague Darcy , and she's
00:39 gonna be providing all the critical information about this year's
00:41 assessment . If you have any questions , please leave
00:44 those in the comments , and one of our team
00:45 members will get back to that as soon as possible
00:47 . Uh , and if you are watching in the
00:49 future , please leave your comments in the same place
00:51 , and we will try to get back to them
00:52 as soon as possible . Uh , so without further
00:54 ado , I'm going to hand it over to my
00:56 wonderful colleague Darcy . Hello , everyone . Welcome to
01:08 this week's first edge short session . Today we will
01:11 discuss a few available updates about the 2021 a c
01:15 t aspire assessments , including the test structure , item
01:19 types , schedule time , durations and more so let's
01:24 begin . The purpose of the A C T Aspire
01:30 Assessments is to measure student achievement and progress toward college
01:35 and career readiness . A C T uses empirical and
01:39 performance data to define requisite constructs in the content areas
01:44 of English , reading , writing , mathematics and science
01:48 to identify in college and career readiness constructs . There
01:53 are no new changes announced yet in this year's A
01:56 C T Aspire Assessments . The L A assessment for
02:00 grades 3 to 8 covers English reading and writing sessions
02:05 . The mass test is done in a single session
02:09 . The English test measures student knowledge and skill in
02:13 the following reporting categories . Production of writing knowledge of
02:18 language , conventions of standard English The reading test assesses
02:23 skills in the following reporting categories . Key ideas and
02:28 details , craft and structure , integration of knowledge and
02:33 ideas . The writing test is scored with a four
02:37 domain analytic scoring rubric . Each grade has a unique
02:41 rubric because it assesses different writing modes , but the
02:45 underlying design is the same across all grades . Each
02:49 of the four rubric domains corresponds to a different trait
02:52 of the writing sample Characteristics in the sample are evidence
02:57 of the following writing competencies reflective narrative slash analysis slash
03:03 argument development and support organization language use for each Aspire
03:10 Mathematics Test Grade three through early high school , the
03:14 parts of the 12 math domains that correspond to each
03:17 grade become a reporting category for the test . This
03:22 results in five reporting categories for each grades test the
03:29 periodic A C T aspire tests for all subjects only
03:33 have selected response items the length of the test and
03:37 the number of questions depend on whether it is being
03:40 conducted as an interim assessment or a class test .
03:44 All periodic tests are conducted online , and only students
03:48 who need Braille accommodations will have the paper based options
03:52 available for interns . These tests can be conducted in
03:56 one session for all subjects or scheduled individually based on
04:00 the purpose of the testing . Schools Mayor range in
04:05 Tour um , and classroom testing at home during the
04:08 2020 2021 school year , a C T . Aspire
04:15 sensitive tests can be conducted online or as paper based
04:19 assessments . The English assessment includes selected response items ,
04:24 which are multiple choice questions and one written response question
04:28 only . Both math and reading , along with science
04:32 , have a combination of selected response and constructed response
04:36 items . Sensitive testing has to be administered in school
04:44 . This earlier window allows schools and districts to test
04:48 earlier and receive baseline data or fill the data gaps
04:52 created by Covid . 19 September 1st 2022 November 20th
04:58 2020 . The A C T Aspire Sensitive Spring testing
05:03 window for 2022 2021 starts from March 29th 2021 to
05:08 May 21st 2021 . The timing of each subject tests
05:16 varies by subject and grape . The timing for the
05:19 paper and online tests are the same in periodic testing
05:24 . Each subject tests . Estimated timing varies depending on
05:28 whether the interim or classroom assessment is being administered .
05:32 Allow approximately 45 minutes for each in terms subject test
05:37 and 15 to 20 minutes for each classroom subject test
05:42 . These timing estimates are provided as guidelines and are
05:45 intended for planning purposes Only . A single subject test
05:49 should be completed within one session . When scheduling multiple
05:54 tests , consider the administrative time 5 to 10 minutes
05:59 . Room supervisors need to transition to the next test
06:03 , factoring in the collection and distribution of test materials
06:06 and the reading of verbal instructions for some motive testing
06:11 When English text to speech audio , Spanish text ,
06:15 plus audio or English text to speech audio plus orienting
06:20 description is selected , the online tests will launch with
06:24 300% extra time already included . Tests . Now tools
06:32 are updated for easier administration of the A C T
06:35 Aspire Test . Sensitive scores of Grade six students will
06:40 also show predicted a C T scores for students in
06:43 the report . Individual student reports for interim tests and
06:48 current progress reports will now have a predictive superlative score
06:53 . These will give educators insights into how well a
06:56 student will do on the superlative assessment . A C
07:03 T Aspire has developed a booklet for each grade and
07:07 subject that defines a C T Aspire reporting categories .
07:11 For each test . These booklets present at least one
07:15 test question aligned to each reporting category on a given
07:18 test , depth of knowledge level or D . Okay
07:23 . A description of the task presented by the test
07:25 question and a description of the correct response are also
07:29 provided along with improvement idea statements to help students build
07:34 on their current skill level knowledge . These exemplars are
07:39 available on the Department of Education website and on the
07:42 a C T website for everyone to use . Other
07:47 realistic practice resources to help students prepare for the superlative
07:51 are also available for schools to purchase from vendors .
07:55 These programs provide rigorous practice with standards aligned practice tests
08:00 that mirror a C T aspire and provide targeted remediation
08:04 for their skill gaps . They also include mimicking items
08:08 that can be used as bell ringers in classroom work
08:11 during regular classroom sessions to improve student performance . These
08:16 also helped drive remedial with supplemental study resources to students
08:21 in all our T . I groups to address their
08:23 learning gaps for online testing . It is critical that
08:30 students is screens are not visible to each other .
08:34 Computers must all face the same direction and should be
08:37 spaced so that the examinees are at least 3 ft
08:41 apart , side to side , measured shoulder to shoulder
08:44 and at least 5 ft apart , front to back
08:47 measured head to head . Students must face the same
08:54 direction for paper testing space as far apart as possible
08:58 and to be seated no closer than 3 ft .
09:01 Some seating arrangements are clearly marked by a C T
09:05 as unacceptable . Here are a few of them .
09:09 Students are to be seated in straight rows and columns
09:12 directly in line with each other to avoid overseeing others
09:15 as papers . Seating should also allow enough . I'll
09:19 space for staff to circulate throughout the room without disturbing
09:23 students . We hope this was helpful . It is
09:27 now time for our Q and A sections . Feel
09:29 free to share your questions in the comments . Thank
09:32 you for joining us today in our ed short session
09:35 on 2021 a . C t . Aspire tests .
09:38 We will return soon with more updates .


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