Guided Practice Questions - 4th Grade Math



Operations & Algebraic Thinking

Number Sentences: 4.OA.A.1

Total Questions: 1
The MacGregor family paid for several repairs to their home. The repairs are listed in the table below: What was the total cost of all the repairs? Enter your answer in the box.

Real World Problems: 4.OA.A.2

Total Questions: 1
Sam is 4 times as old as Frank. Frank is 5 years old.Choose the numbers and symbols into the blanks to complete an equation that can be used to find A, Sam’s age. Each symbol may be used more than once or not at all.

Multi-step Problems: 4.OA.A.3

Total Questions: 2
On Saturday, 6,918 people attended the Clark County Fair. 8,732 people attended the fair on Sunday. How many more people attended on Sunday than on Saturday?

The Nuts O’ Lot peanut factory packaged 1,265 cans of peanuts on Monday, 2,019 on Tuesday and 1,932 on Wednesday. How many cans of peanuts were packaged in all during the three day period?

Patterns: 4.OA.C.5

Total Questions: 1
The rule for the number pattern below is “Add 5”.5, 10, 15, 20… What is the next number in the pattern?

Number & Operations - Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions in Word Problems: 4.NF.B.3.D

Total Questions: 1
The Frank family bought a carton of milk. The first day they drank of the carton. The next day they drank of the carton. How much of the milk did they drink in all? Enter your answer in the box. Instruction: Write your fraction in the format a/b (w...Show More

Adding & Subtracting Fractions: 4.NF.B.3.A

Total Questions: 1
Mateo made brownies in a rectangular pan. He cut the brownies into 8 equal pieces. He then gave 3 pieces to his brother and 2 pieces to his friend.Which two of these expressions could represent the fraction of the brownie that Mateo gave away in all?

Convert Fractions to Decimals: 4.NF.C.6

Total Questions: 1
Various angle measures are listed in the table below. Fill in the blanks for the appropriate measure that shows the angle measure converted to either degree or radian measure.

Number & Operations in Base Ten

Compare Numbers and Expanded Notation: 4.NBT.A.2

Total Questions: 1
Chloe and Bethany were walking home from the bus. They decided to count how many steps it took to get from the bus to their house. Chloe counted three hundred forty-seven. Bethany counted 300 + 30 + 6.Who counted more steps?

Addition & Subtraction: 4.NBT.B.4

Total Questions: 2
Mr. Rhode’s class collected pennies for the penny drive to give to a local charity. They collected pennies for five days as shown in the table below. How many pennies did Mr. Rhode’s class collect in all?

JoJo’s Sand-wich shop made 1,432 sub sandwiches in March and 2,591 sub sandwiches in April. How many more sandwiches did they make in April than in March?Instruction: Enter your answer in the box.

Multiplication: 4.NBT.B.5

Total Questions: 2
On Tuesday, the baker made 36 dozen cupcakes. Since a dozen equals 12, how many cupcakes were baked in all on Tuesday? Instruction: Enter your answer in the box.

There are 4 adults in Rebecca’s family. Her family is planning a trip to Paris. It costs $1,456 for each adult to fly from New York City to Paris. What is the total cost for 4 adults to fly from New York City to Paris? Instruction: Enter your ...Show More

Division: 4.NBT.B.6

Total Questions: 2
There were 1,224 guests attending a sales conference. Eight guests sat at each table. If all of the tables were filled, how many tables were there at the sales conference?Instruction: Enter your answer in the box.

The Thomas took 96 bottles of spring water to the family reunion picnic. If they had purchased 4 identical cases, how many bottles were in each case?

Measurement & Data

Units of Measurement: 4.MD.A.1

Total Questions: 1
The 4th graders at Sunny Hills Elementary are going on a field trip to the state capital. It takes 15 minutes to get all the children from their classroom and loaded onto the bus. It takes at least 1 hours and 15 minutes for the bus to drive from Sun...Show More

Measurement Problems: 4.MD.A.2

Total Questions: 2
Lola was training for her next track meet. She ran around the track 8 times. If each lap around the track is 1/4 mile, how far did Lola run in all?

Max rode his bike for 3.25 miles and then stopped to eat some lunch. He finished his ride by going another 1.85 miles. How many miles did Max ride in all? Instruction: Enter your answer in the box.

Perimeter & Area: 4.MD.A.3

Total Questions: 3
The whiteboard in Mrs. Crosby’s classroom has a total area of 36 sq. ft. If the whiteboard is 9 feet long, how wide is the whiteboard?

The principal’s office is 9 meters long and 6 meters wide. What is the total floor area of the principal’s office?Enter your answer in the box.

Mrs. Patel wanted to bake a cake with the largest area. She had three baking pans to choose from: • Pan A was 3 cm. long and 8 cm. wide• Pan B was 7 cm. long and 4 cm. wide• Pan C was 5 cm. long and 5 cm. wide What is the area of each ...Show More