Pre-Conference, Full-Day Workshop

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), founded in 1921, is a professional organization serving elementary and middle school principals and other education leaders throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas. NAESP supports elementary and middle-level principals as the primary catalyst for creating a lasting foundation for learning, driving school and student performance, and shaping the long-term impact of school improvement efforts.

Workshop featuring expert presentations on:

•Having Hard Conversations.

•Grit, Mindset, and Determination.

•Extracting the Full Capability of your Staff.

•Helping Teachers and Leaders Connect to a PLN.

Workshop Presenter(s):

Peter DeWitt:

Peter DeWitt, Ed.D. will take participants on a learning journey through becoming connected on Twitter to blogging as a form of effective communication to using an edcamp model of professional development to utilizing the flipped leadership method to enga

Learning Objectives:

• Will leave with a Twitter account and understand how to use it.

• Will leave with an understanding of what it means to be a connected educator.

• Learn benefits of blogging and how it can enhance communication.

• Leave with examples of how to engage parents through flipped communication.

• Leave with a better understanding and concrete methods of branding their school.

Jim C. Grant:

Even during challenging times, successful leaders possess the “stay-the-course” traits such as grit and determination required to persevere. These stand­out leaders can overcome obstacles, setbacks and unimaginable challenges.

Learning Objectives:

• Explore self-improvement strategies to increase stamina, perseverance, tenacity, and courage.

• Examine ways to acquire 12 powerful grit traits.

• Develop a 21st century mindset.

• Increase resiliency while discovering the motivational and energizing effect of grit.

Jennifer Abrams:

As administrators, coaches or colleagues, we often face situations where difficult topics must be addressed. What best strategies can we implement for those moments? What questions should we be asking ourselves before we speak and what environments are

Learning Objectives:

• Identify why they hesitate having hard conversations.

• Design questions to ask themselves before they choose to speak up.

• Articulate in professional language the challenges they are facing.

• Determine the goals of the conversation and write an action plan of support.

• Script the conversation avoiding trigger words that put others on the defensive and choose the best ‘wheres’ and ‘whens’ for a productive discussion.

Elise Foster:

Co-author of the Multiplier Effect, Harvard Graduate School of Education and leadership consultant. Elise Foster, has helped dozens of leaders become more effective. In this engaging session she employs her systems engineering mindset—and her best leaders

Learning Objectives:

• Helps leaders to become more effective.

• Invites leaders to bring out the best in everyone around them.

Date :Monday, June 29, 2015
Time : 9.00 am to 4.00 pm


Grace Taylor