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Lumos StepUp Efficacy Study: Gibson Elementary School, Louisiana-2017-18

School Overview

Gibson Elementary School is based in Gibson Louisiana, which comes under the Terrebonne Parish school district. The school supports over 251 students across pre-k to 6. It is a public school with a student-teacher ratio of 9.5:1 and about 88.27 % of the students are economically disadvantaged.


Gibson Elementary School Demographics

English Proficiency

Gibson Elementary School English Proficiency


We conducted a study to understand the impact of Lumos Learning programs on student achievement. We have compared the state ranking of Gibson Elementary School in 2016-17 and 2017-18 as indicated in schooldigger
The school used Lumos Practice tedBook program in 2017-18 to support students’ LEAP preparation.

Improvement in State Ranking

Gibson Elementary School Ranking

There are 728 elementary schools in Louisiana and Gibson Elementary School was ranked 602nd in the 2016-17 academic year. In 2017-18, the school adopted ELA program for Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. About 110 students used the Lumos Practice tedBook program for LEAP English Language Arts practice. In the 2017-18 LEAP tests, Gibson Elementary School rank improved by 226 positions.

Grade 4 LEAP Test-scores

Gibson Elementary School Grade 4 ELA

Compared to 2016-17, the percentage of 4th graders who met state expectations in 2017-18 LEAP ELA assessment increased by 18%.

Grade 6 LEAP Test-scores

Gibson Elementary School Grade 6 ELA

There was an increase of 54%, seen in the number of students who met state expectations in 2017-18 Grade 6 English Language Arts LEAP.

Overall Result

  • Grade 4 and Grade 6 students in Winter Springs Elementary School have surpassed the state average in ELA.
  • The use of Lumos Practice tedBook for LEAP English Language Arts practice in 4th and 6th grades in 2017-18 influenced an increase in the percentage of students who have met the standards.
  • The overall school ranking improved by 226 positions from 602 in 2017 to 376 in 2018.
  • Some of the enrolled students in the school are English language learners who have shown significant improvements in 2017-18 LEAP ELA tests.

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