Participants will learn how to create 90 second videos, set up a Flip Grid, and how to use this website effectively in a classroom. Participants will brainstorm ideas for how to use Flip Grid in their own learning settings and will leave with a bank of ideas to take with them. They will collaborate with other colleagues to actually make their own Flip Grid and post it. The purpose of this presentation is to teach educators how to increase student participation, boost student engagement, connect students in the classroom and connect classrooms around the world. When participants leave the workshop, they should be able to create a class grid, record a video, create a Flip Grid selfie, make a classroom code, and brainstorm ways to use Flip Grid in their own learning environments. In order to fully engage the audience, participants will visit the Flip Grid site on their own device, create a video, make a selfie and answer the question, “What is one new tool you will try in your classroom that you learned about at MassCUE”? I hope to make this a collaborative presentation where participants are using this tool and working with other educators to share ideas.

October 19, 2018