Pear Deck truly can transform your teaching practice. This interactive add-on for Slides allows for traditional-style presentations to now become interactive. Creating a presentation using the Pear Deck add-on also allows for powerful differentiation. Start a presentation whole class and see answers from ALL students in LIVE time. Give students Voice and Choice and how powerful digital discussion! You don't just hear from one hand that goes up, you hear from EVERY student. Then, switch to student-paced mode and differentiate. Have students in a small group with you, while others continue on the Deck. Embed additional activities into your Deck for those who need to go further. Then provide a "take-away" from Pear Deck to reinforce the lesson. This tool can do so much! This is the Slide Deck to be used and will be presented with Pear Deck so teachers can see how this tool works.

October 19, 2018