Grandma and Raggedy Ann

- By Johnny Gruelle
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John Barton Gruelle (December 24, 1880 – January 9, 1938) was an American artist, political cartoonist, children's book and comics author, illustrator, and storyteller. He is best known as the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls and as the author/illustrator of dozens of books. He also created the Beloved Belindy doll. [1] Gruelle also contributed cartoons and illustrations to at least ten newspapers, four major news syndicates, and more than a dozen national magazines. He was the son of Hoosier Group painter Richard Gruelle. Gruelle was born in Arcola, Illinois, on December 24, 1880, to Alice (Benton) and Richard Buckner Gruelle.[2][3] In 1882, when Gruelle was two years old, he moved with his parents to Indianapolis, Indiana, and settled in a home on Tacoma Avenue in what is the present-day Lockerbie Square Historic District.[4][5] The Gruelles made Indianapolis their home for more than twenty-five years.[6]

Grandma and Raggedy Ann

“Well! Well! Where did you find it?” Grandma cried. “It’s old Raggedy Ann!” she went on as she hugged the doll as close to her as possible. “I had forgotten her. She has been in the attic for fifty years, I guess! Well! Well! Dear old Raggedy Ann!”
The doll wasn’t in bad shape, but it no longer looked new. “I will sew another button on her right away!” and Grandma went to the machine drawer and got her needle and thread.
Marcie watched the sewing while Grandma told how she had played with Raggedy Ann when she was a little girl.
“Now!” Grandma laughed, “Raggedy Ann, you have two beautiful black-button eyes. With these eyes, you can see the changes that have taken place in the world while you have been shut up so long in the attic! For, Raggedy Ann, you have a new playmate and owner now, and I hope you both will have as much happiness together as you and I used to have!”
Then Grandma gave Raggedy Ann to Marcie, saying very seriously, “Marcie, let me introduce my very dear friend, Raggedy Ann. Raggedy, this is my grand-daughter, Marcie!” And Grandma moved with the doll with her hands in such a way that the ragdoll seemed to have nodded her head to Marcie in a sign of happiness
“Oh, Grandma! Thank you ever and ever so much!” Marcie cried as she hugged Grandma and kiss. “Raggedy Ann and I will have just loads of fun.”  “I’ll take care of her forever!”
And this is how Raggedy Ann joined the doll family at Marcie’s house, where she began the adventures of Raggedy Ann.

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Word Lists:

Attic : a space or room just below the roof of a building

Needle : a very fine slender piece of metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing

Button : a small disk or knob sewn on to a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for the purpose or for decoration

Happiness : the state of being happy

Thread : a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving

Forever : for all future time; for always

Shape : the external form, contours, or outline of someone or something

Adventure : an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

Machine : an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task

Introduce : bring (something, especially a product, measure, or concept) into use or operation for the first time


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