The Spirit’s Place

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Lee McDonald married a wife, and he needed to build a house so they could live together. Lee had bought some land, about six acres; but there was no house on it.  He wanted to build a house as nice as he could. He found the perfect spot for his new house. It was one of those beautiful green circles that is the playground of the great spirit
Lee was warned not to build his house in the green circle. He said he would not change such a perfect place for his house to grant all the great spirit’s wishes. He started to make the building, which he finished very quickly.  He invited friends to a house-warming party.  
This was all very well, and the part was great fun, but all of a sudden, a noise was heard in the middle of the party. Like a crushing on the top of the house. The folks all listened, and, without a doubt, there was crushing and throwing, and pushing, and panting, as if a thousand little spirits were pulling down the roof.
'Come,' said the great spirit, who spoke in a tone of command to all of the other spirits, 'work hard: you know we must have Lee's house down before midnight.'
This was not good news to Lee, who, saw his house was already ruined.  He said to the great spirit;
‘Sir If you let me continue this party in peace tonight, I’ll begin to pull down and remove the house tomorrow morning.’
The spirits agreed and let out a thousand loud cheers.  They quickly left his house and left Lee and his friends to continue the party.
The story, however, does not end here for Lee. When he was digging a place for his new house, he found a full pot of gold. In leaving to the spirit's their playground, he became a richer man than ever he ever would have been. He has never seen or talked to the great spirit ever again. 

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Word Lists:

Spirit : the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul

Crush : compress or squeeze forcefully so as to break, damage, or distort in shape

Pant : breathe with short, quick breaths, typically from exertion or excitement

Ruined : (of a building or place) reduced to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration

Acre : a unit of land area equal to 4,840 square yards (0.405 hectare)

Grant : agree to give or allow (something requested) to

Perfect : having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be

Cheer : shout for joy or in praise or encouragement

Warn : inform someone in advance of an impending or possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation

Continue : persist in an activity or process


Additional Information:

Rating: A

Words: 349

Unique Words : 165

Sentences : 27

Reading Time : 1:33

Noun : 103

Conjunction : 30

Adverb : 24

Interjection : 0

Adjective : 27

Pronoun : 34

Verb : 59

Preposition : 30

Letter Count : 1,397

Sentiment : Positive

Tone : Neutral (Slightly Conversational)

Difficult Words : 47

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