The New Year Celebrations in Different Countries

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The New Year Celebrations in Different Countries

In the United States, the New Year begins every January 1st.  On the night before, most people celebrate the coming of the New Year right before and when the clock strikes 12:00am.  People generally make what is called “New Year’s Resolutions”.  In doing so, they choose something that they want to change or make better in their lives.  Some may decide to lose weight, to save money, to get along better with others, or even to quit a bad habit.  The resolution is supposed to be kept and followed all during the year.  It is a kind of promise a person makes to themselves.  People tend to break self-made promises early on in the year. 
Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year, commonly called the Spring Festival in China is celebrated at the changing of the traditional lunisolar calendar">Chinese calendar. The Chinese celebrate beginning on the first new moon, between what we in the United States know as January 21 and February 20. The Chinese start their celebrations on the evening before and continue to celebrate through until around the 15th day of their first calendar month. The Chinese New Year is centuries old and began as a time to honor ancestors and people of high ranking political and religious statuses. Many of the customs of Chinese New Year continue to be followed not only in China, other Chinese influenced countries, but in the United States, as well.  These include the annual family dinner, the complete house cleaning to ward off evil and welcome good, and the many parades, brightly decorated costumes, and wall hangings.
The Indian New Year
Ugadi is the official name given to the festival celebrated as the New Year in India. The name, Ugadi, means the beginning of a new age.  It is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month, Chairta, thus marking the beginning of spring. It is thought that the Lord Brahma began creation on this day according to Hindu culture. The celebration is highlighted by the serving of magnificent meals. The festival is also known for the cleaning of houses, and wearing of new clothes. In the India calendar, each year has a name.  There are 60 names and the names are repeated every 60 years.

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