Grade 3 ELA - SkillBuilder + GMAS Rehearsal Section 1

Grade 3 ELA - SkillBuilder + GMAS Rehearsal Section 1

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Jasmine nervously left the car. She and her parents had been riding for what seemed like days, but after ten hours, they were finally here. She carefully studied the old farmhouse. “Are you ready?” her dad asked. Jasmine only shrugged. She had talked with her “G”, as she the kind lady had referred to herself, a few times on the phone, but at the age of eight, she had never actually met her grandma. It seemed that work, school, or illness had kept her away.

Jasmine’s parents had told her stories about her “G” and that she had met her when she was only a few months old, but in Jasmine’s mind this was the first time. She exited the car and was greeted by a petite, black-haired lady, standing in the doorway. Her smile looked familiar. It seemed to be a combination of her own and the warm smile that her dad seldom showed, but that warmed her heart, over and over.

Her “G” had scooped her up. “Come on in here, Jasmine.” Jasmine felt a bit nervous, but she walked into the house with her grandmother’s arms still around her. “I bet you are tired of sitting. How long have you had my beautiful granddaughter cooped up in that car?” asked her “G”.

Jasmine’s dad replied, “It has been a while.”

“Come on, honey. There is so much that I want to show you.” her grandma cooed. Jasmine followed her grandmother through the house. It seemed that they exited one doorway, only to enter another. “Here is a surprise for you,” her grandma stated. Looking down, Jasmine saw the most beautiful locket. She picked it up, nervously. “I have been saving this for you. It was your great granny’s…my mom’s.” Jasmine pulled it closer for a better view.

“Let me put it on you, you beautiful girl.”

How does Jasmine describe her “G”?