Comparing an Original Story to Its Film Version |

In this lesson we compare a book to its film version and discuss several things to
examine and consider when rendering the comparison and examine...

How the 'A Star is Born' Remakes With Lady Gaga and Barbra ... remake-versions-comparison/

Feb 22, 2019 ... How All Four Versions of A Star Is Born Compare, and Why the Film Keeps ... a
value in examining each version, and how the story has evolved from ... in turn
based on the real-life relationship between actress Colleen Moore ...

How does the new Watership Down compare to the original? to-the-original/

Dec 22, 2018 ... We compare the original 1978 animation with the new version – has the ...
Watership Down, the story that traumatised a generation, is back ... The new
version is less troubling than the first film as we point out in our preview.

How the 'A Star is Born' Remake Plot Compares to the 4 Previous ... -plot-comparison/

Feb 24, 2019 ... But the story told in the 2018 version of the film is far from the one told in the
original film (or the other two remakes, for that matter).

Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" compared with Shakespeare's ... shakespeares-original-work

Baz Luhrmann's kaleidoscopic film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, while often ...
Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" compared with Shakespeare's Original Work ...
music, and to teach them with the basic moral precepts inherent in the story.

5 Important Ways Storytelling Is Different in Books vs. Movies ... -different-books-vs-movies/

Feb 15, 2016 ... When I was little, I told myself stories and called them my “movies. ... If we
compare today's books with yesterday's books, we can see that, like movies, they
... The latest movie adaptation has a running time of just under three hours. ..... in
the book, without giving the viewers the real views of the characters.

'A Star Is Born': Every version ranked (including Lady Gaga's new one)

Oct 2, 2018 ... With a new version coming out with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, it's time to
rank every 'A Star Is Born' film going back to the 1937 original.

How does "The Thing" (1982) compare to the original (1951) and the ... and-the-remake-2011

Sep 2, 2015 ... When John W. Campbell wrote his sci-fi novella Who Goes There? in 1938, he
probably didn't expect his story to inspire multiple movie ...

I watched all four 'A Star Is Born' movies. Here's the messed-up ... 11e8-a3e6-44daa3d35ede_story.html

Oct 12, 2018 ... Comparing the remake of a movie with the original can be a fascinating ... This is
all to say: Yesterday I had seen zero versions of “A Star Is Born. ... That the story
is really about the changing of tastes and the suffering of an ...

Comparing Every Version of A Star Is Born - YouTube

Oct 6, 2018 ... I took a look at each version of A Star Is Born and what they say about our cultural
and cinematic history. Check out my channel for more. Also I ...

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