Proven Methodology to Improve Student Acheivement

Lumos Learning Supplemental Study Programs for New York are built in alignment with the state learning standards to help students succeed on New York State Assessments.

The program is designed by Expert Teachers specifically for New York elementary and middle school students. It is a proven solution that extends classroom learning and helps schools improve student achievement on the new state assessment Several schools in NY have successfully implemented the programs to improve student achievement.


88.21% Improvement

Intensive Targeted Intervention

Realistic New York Student Assessment Rehearsals

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Paper-based ResourceComputer-based Resource

Lumos StepUp®
SkillBuilder and NY Test Prep

  • Two Practice Tests that mirror NY State Tests
  • 15 tech-enhanced item types
  • Ability to create focused practice assignments
  • Ability to assign eduational videos, apps, worksheets and more
  • In-depth student performance reporting
  • Hundreds of standards-aligned practice lessons for skills mastery

StepUp Sample Questions

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Basic English Language Arts and Math Skills Practice

Lumos SkillBuilder®
Topic-based printed and online practice

  • Math and English Language Arts Practice Worksbooks
  • Skill-specific practice with standards-aligned questions
  • Mapped to relevent resources like apps, videos and more
  • Include access to online workbooks with hundreds of questions

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Partial Customer List

Achievement First Brownsville Charter School
Greenwich Junior-Senior High School
Hampton School District
Erie BOCES School

Reading Program for Elementary and Middle School Students

reading comprehension workbooks for grades 3 to 8 students


  • Grade-specific skill focused passages
  • Standards-aligned questions on each passage
  • Answer keys with detailed explanations for each lesson
  • Access to online workbooks witn more reading tasks