Convert Your Story Book Into a Digital
Reading FLuency Program

Convert Your Story Book Into a Digital
Reading FLuency Program

  • Create an additional revenue stream
  • Convert existing storybook into a Digital Product
  • Easy setup and excellent support

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Online Oral Reading Fluency Program

We Convert Your Storybook into an Online Reading Fluency Program

Cold Reading: Students can Read, Record, and Listen to the Story in their Voice

Vocabulary Practice: Lumos Falshcube and Quiz for Word Mastery

Read along with an expert storyteller while paying attention to the highlighted text

Hot Reading: Students can Re-Read, Record, and Listen to the Story in their Voice

Demonstrate reading comprehension by answering an Interactive Quiz

Authors and Publishers benefitting from Lumos Reading Buddy Platform

Leverage the Lumos Audience and Platform

Leverage Lumos Technology
  • Traffic and visibility to your brand

  • Dedicated landing page

  • Speech Processing using Artificial Intelligence

  • Excellent Customer support

Create a Digital Reading Program using Your Story Workbook

  • Convert Your Storybook into a Digital Fluency Program

  • Generate Additional Revenue

  • Deliver more Value to Your Customers

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Key Benefits of the Reading Fluency Program

  • Help Children Become Fluent Readers

  • Interactive reading support

  • Automated Reading Fluency Measurement

  • Efficient Grading of Student Reading Assignment

  • Insightful report to Monitor Fluency Progress

  • Engaging Read along and Vocabulary Practice

You Stay in Control of Your Digital Product

Copyright and Publishing Rights
  • Your Intellectual Property is Secure

  • You Remain in Control of Your Copyrights

  • Set Your Price for the Product subscription

  • Simple Revenue Share Partnership

  • Supplements Your Printed Book Sales

Case Studies

Interview with George Smith

Interview with Dr. Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo

Interview with Steve Floyd

Interview with Arielle Haughee