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Binomial Expansion Using Pascal's Triangle

By Mathispower4u

This video explains binomial expansion using Pascal's triangle.

Algebra 2: Remainder and Factor Theorems

By Educator

This video shows the remainder theorem and how to use synthetic division.

Telescoping Series , Finding the Sum, Example 1

By PatrickJMT

YouTube presents Telescoping Series , Finding the Sum, Example 1, an educational video resource on math.

Identifying Rational Zeros

By ProfKeester

This video will explain how to use the Rational Zeros Theorem to find the zeros of a polynomial.

Complementary and supplementary angles | Angles and intersecting lines | Geometry | Khan Academy

By Khan Academy

Basics of complementary, supplementary, adjacent and straight angles. Also touching on what it means to be perpendicular. All Khan Academy content is available for free at

Conic sections: Intro to hyperbolas | Conic sections | Algebra II | Khan Academy

By Khan Academy

This video lecture series on Algebra from Khan Academy includes Linear Equations, Solving Inequalities, Slope and Y-intercept, Equation of a Line, Averages, Integer sums, Taking Percentages, Systems of Equations, Ratios, Multiplying Expressions, Solving a quadratic by factoring, Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Inequalities, Functions, Conic sections, Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbolas..

Length of a Line Segment

By AlRichards314

This lesson uses two examples to demonstrate how to use the length of a line segment formula. This is one of a series of math video lessons created for a grade 10 Academic math course in the province of Ontario, Canada. The instructor uses computer software for his demonstration.

Basic trigonometry II | Basic trigonometry | Trigonometry | Khan Academy

By Khan Academy

This video will show you a lot more examples so you can get more comfortable applying the ratios. Remember that this ONLY works for right triangles!

Trigonometry word problems (part 1)

By Khan Academy

The instructor explores the first part of a problem when the captain of a ship goes off track. In an easy conversational tone, the instructor uses the computer screen Paint program) as his 'blackboard' and different colors to emphasis his points. For high school students.