7 Ways Public Libraries Can Impact Student Learning

By Marisa Adams

Mrs.Marisa Adams Complete Webinar Presentation(PDF) Infographic on The 7 Ways Libraries can Impact Student Learning

Public libraries often struggle with how to best meet the academic needs of their school-aged patrons and their families. Between budget shortfalls, uncertainty of current academic information, and a wide variety of resources, it can be overwhelming for libraries to know which steps are best.

Marisa Adams has a unique perspective on this issue and has discussed how public libraries can respond to budget shortfalls, create supportive academic environments, and actively become an educational center of excellence for local communities.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • The role of Common Core State Standards in education today.
  • The variety of resources available for students.
  • How Digital Natives maneuver through these resources.
  • 7 ways public libraries can influence student learning.