The purpose of this workshop is to discover that the importance of teaching young students to code cannot be ignored. We should be teaching students to code as part of the curriculum in all grades. Learners will have the opportunity to explore coding resources. They will program robots using Blockly and other programming language to do tasks. They will then help generate an idea bank of how to use these new resources to help teach curriculum. We will examine the benefits of coding in Elementary school to include/but not limited to:Problem SolvingCollaborationFluid thinkingCommunication of ideasPersistenceLearners will have a time to explore and highlight many of the games and activities that can help them bring coding into their classroom.KodableScratch jrScratchCode SparkLearners will have hands on time to explore ways to use Dash and Dot robots, Mice and Cheese, Lego WeDOs, and Robo Wunderkind. Learners will explore the different ways of programming including Blockly and Scroll Quest.This will be a model of my classroom where we are all out of our seats, exploring and learning. They will takeaway at least one strategy that they can use with whatever they teach.

October 19, 2018