You're invited to a panel discussion about the increased need and future of Digital Safety in today’s blended classrooms.Over the last 30 years, technology has emerged to the point of becoming an integral part of our world. We are realizing that being tech savvy is no longer an option; it's a life skill. Almost every student and teacher have multiple ways to text and send images and videos digitally. In today’s classroom, blended learning and one-to-one environments are commonplace. As a result, educators can now apply different technologies to their curriculum, allowing them to achieve levels of collaboration and engagement never seen before.These school-provided devices also give email access to students and the ability to collaborate with tools like Google Suite and Office 365. Like the Internet, these tools can be valuable, but they do come with risks. Today we will discuss the current demand for Digital Safety and highlight how Gaggle works with schools and districts to combat the rise in inappropriate online activity.

October 19, 2018