Using technology to increase writing achievement has become a recent focus in the education community. Research suggests that combining technology and writing motivates students by giving them the chance to personalize their learning, showcase their range of abilities, and increase self-agency/awareness (Bernard, 2008; Hull & Katz, 2006). In addition, research also suggests that allowing students to publish their writing for audiences authenticates the task, holds students accountable, and provides opportunities for peer review (Chambers, Graham, & Harris, 2016). As technology develops, teachers should be part of reforming education with digital tools. This presentation would aim to give teachers the knowledge and ability to integrate digital storytelling into the writing curriculum to increase student achievement. Objectives: 1. The audience will learn how digital storytelling increases student motivation, self agency, and achievement.2. The audience will be able to transfer pieces of writing into digital storyboards. 3. The audience will be exposed to different mediums for creating digital stories.Agenda:Brainstorm Essential QuestionReview Supporting ResearchView Digital Storytelling VideoDefine Key TermsTeach & Model Storyboard That ProgramTeach & Model ScreenCastifyTeach & Model StorybirdTeach & Model Google ToursGuided PracticeIndependent PracticeReflectEssential Question: How can we use technology to support and enhance the writing process?

October 19, 2018