The Dexter Park Innovation School is a 3-6 school located in Orange, Massachusetts. In 2 years time, the school has shifted from a pullout model of Special Education to a more inclusive philosophy, utilizing the co-teaching model. Social media has played an integral part of this shift, allowing parents and the community to be engaged in the process to see the positives that are happening within the walls of the school. In addition, technology in the classroom has been essential in the inclusive environment, as it provides assistance to students that no longer require adult support. The tools shared in this session will give educators ways to provide access to all students but particularly students who may require additional support to be exposed to and communicate their understanding of grade level content. The tools are engaging, easy to use and apply, and provide students access to tools that they will find helpful as they progress through the grades. Some of these tools and apps include: FlipgridSocial media (facebook, instagram, snapchat)Book SnapsGoogle slidesGoogle formsGoogle sitesYouTubeE-reader tools Post It PlusPadletThe content of the session will be participant driven. We are going to start by having educators share who they are what they want to get out of the session (either on a Padlet or Flipgrid). After sharing our story briefly, we are going to engage participants in the content by letting them use the tool and explore. Depending on the needs of the group we may create some breakout sessions where educators can dig into the tools, discuss strategies with each other, and/or get advice from myself or my co-presenters. We want those who attend our session to walk away with something they can use when they return to their school/classroom.

October 19, 2018