Resources that Meet the Needs of Today’s Educators

The Association of American Publishers PreK-12 Learning Group has continually campaigned for quality content in teaching and learning. In the past years, they have invited some school educators on several platforms to share their viewpoints on what they expect from Edtech Companies of today.

These are some of the conventional expectations of today’s teachers;

  • Products must have the ability to solve real problems

    Some educators and administrators from education companies, especially those in the Edtech space often talk about being offered solutions to problems that either don’t meet their expectations or don’t exist at all. The unmet expectations of educators may be a reason why they might not want to try out most of these solutions. They feel that the problems they face in the classrooms must be dealt with through the solutions they invest in.


  • Providing relevant and accessible data

    Tracking, assessing, and reporting on student progress has become eminent in every school in the U.S. As a matter of fact, education product developers need to make sure that relevant data is accessible. This actually could mean two things:

      Teachers and administrators should be able to view data at anytime quickly, and it should be relevant to the i.e. based on student problems, etc.
      It should also be easy to move that data between the various student information systems that are in use in the school.


  • No over promises on Products

    Today’s teachers may not necessarily have a lot of money and time on their hands. Most education companies must do well to make their products very easy to find online. The various products must be clear and have specific details about what they do. It will also be reasonable to display any research, case study, testimonials, or reports that support the claims made.

  • Aligning products to curriculum standards
    This point is not the least important though mentioned last. Most educators will want solutions that are aligned to curriculum standards. EdTech solution providers must ensure that they are familiar with the curriculum standards in states in which they are selling.
    Lumos Learning has carefully taken the above into consideration and has come out with solutions that can aid educators, parents, and students alike. Our solutions span from Skills practice/mastery, State assessment practice, Reading and Intervention programs among others. All the products are developed by expert teachers and are completely aligned with state standards.

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Derek Turner