Principal New Year Resolutions

Principals can do the following in the next school year if not already being done. 

    Principals can start by getting all teachers to work towards common goals. The common purpose set in a school may be to produce the very best of students in the entire state, students who are very brilliant and studious. Although all the teachers are different, they can all employ similar strategies in achieving the common goal.
    Students, parents, community members, and businesses are not left out in this. They must also play a part in helping reach the common goal.
    A few teachers can be made to attend Literacy conferences at the school’s expense and be made to share their experiences to get buy-in from the staff members who didn’t attend the meeting.

    Another very essential thing to do is to build a team atmosphere and create opportunities for the staff to learn for themselves the importance of implementing and incorporating laid down instructional strategies.
    Teacher article features that highlight the successes of teachers can be published in the local newspaper to motivate other colleague teachers.
    Curriculum administrators in various schools can also pay regular visits to classrooms to help in implementing instructional strategies and the use of authentic student instructional approaches.
    Suggesting some new ideas and allowing team members to share and learn from one another is a sure way to reach success.

    Again, when teachers are more enthusiastic about teaching, and they demonstrate the rewards of being academically active to the students, excitement for learning is created. Several ideas for reaching this goal can be sought from the teachers.
    Recognizing faculty and staff achievements do improve staff morale. Regular class visits, special treats like birthday parties and summer barbecues can even be done to put lasting smiles on faces of teachers.
    When teachers are given the necessary recognition they expect, they become happier people, and this extends to everyone at school.

    Most principals have personal goals that lead to their professional goals. Examples of some of these aims could be getting to know teachers strengths and weaknesses through regular class visits, drawing closer to teachers for them to freely share their individual problems and also developing themselves professionally so they can be better leaders and motivators. Attending workshops sponsored by schools also enables the principal to be on top of current strategies that they can then transfer to the teachers for better classroom learning experience.

    Almost every principal has the goal to increase students’ learning but that aside, efforts must also be made to get parents involved. Some schools organize grade level nights where an overview of the grade level program is shared with parents. They also get dinner and some babysitting services. Teachers usually do presentations at such programs.
    Mentorship programs can also be organized. This will especially be of great benefit to children with single parents since it will provide avenues for positive adult interaction.
    A goal to increase the number of honor roll students is a useful one. Staff, in an attempt to achieve this aim, can educate students and parents about high academic expectations, recognize academic achievement with prizes where necessary and also seek innovative ideas for increasing student achievement.

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    Derek Turner