What K-12 Educators Need to Know about Technology

Technology is changing the operations of the entire world. From commerce to transportation, there isn’t any industry that is not being affected by the digital regime change.

Education is no exception. Education technology, therefore, provides various likelihoods for interactive learning and teaching, as well as maximizing process effectiveness and efficiency.
Research has also proven that most administrators rely on their vendor relationships to aid the buying process. Just a few know what they need for their schools, and many agree to deploy technological solutions before they fully identify a problem and lay out a strategy.

There is the need to reduce Time and Costs in Device Based Learning Environments and committing to the right cart or locker as this is a critical decision.

Administrators looking to tackle or look into the world of ed tech procurement proper can consider these tips;

It is a fact that introducing technology into the classroom, while also limiting its ability to distract students is a dilemma faced all across the country. But Travis Brown, Director of Technology at Hutto ISD thinks that the best way to keep students safe online is by not treating them like children due to being overly protective. The focus must be on educating students to stay safe online.

It is also good to shift the focus from blocking websites to monitoring student activity so as to receive alerts and notifications in case of any risky search behavior by any student.

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Derek Turner