The Lumos StepUp LMS: An Organizational Powerhouse

Todayś learning environment has changed. Students are learning virtually, in-person, and using hybrid models. For this reason, it is imperative to have a learning management system that meets the needs of curriculum designers, educators, and students. Are you looking for an LMS that harnesses the power of state-of-the-art technology? If so, the Lumos StepUp program is the learning management system (LMS) needed to take learning to the next level. Lumos StepUp has some new features that truly set it apart from other LMS options. With the most up-to-date artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the Lumos StepUp LMS makes reaching out to broader audiences easier than ever before. In brief, this LMS makes it possible to plan any educational event with ease!

A Planning Powerhouse

Does organizing educational events turn into a planning fiasco? Having educational events and contents organized in a meaningful way ensures that participants can take full advantage of the offerings. One of the biggest advantages of the Lumos StepUp LMS is the ease in managing events in one place. Manual event management tasks can be automated in one place. This simplifies the planning process from pre-event planning to post-event initiatives. With on-demand access, increasing attendance and reaching more people is easier than ever before. Virtual or live webcast sessions can include various engagement tools (i. e. real-time chat, networking, whiteboard, Q&A, and more). Do you have other video platforms? Integrating these tools is possible! Real-time monitoring ensures that presenters and attendees alike are pleased. All of these organizational features can ensure your eventś success. With verifiable credentials, participants can receive certifications. There are many planning features that are sure to make the process less stressful and more manageable.

Versatile Design Features

Lumos StepUp´s versatility is unmatched! With end-to-end digital courseware creation and management, users will be able to verify that users are receiving content exactly as they desire. There are various supports in place to differentiate learning! With a Collaborative Learning Platform, there are dedicated user interfaces for Admins, Instructors, and Learners. Content can be presented in a variety of ways that engage learners and meets their unique learning styles. Furthermore, the mind mapping tool makes it easy for learners to capture, organize, and structure their ideas. With videos, pdfs, quizzes, presentations, and more, educators can find resources to leverage any upcoming event. This robust LMS is the first system with video and audio search capabilities and the self-paced feature via the Lumos Assistant, and an AI-powered interactive chatbot, will improve user success and preparation for assessments. Assessment tools are varied and include drag and drop, multiple choice questions, hot text, matching text, ECRs, table fill-ins, equations, and more! The many highlights available via the StepUp LMS are absolutely incredible.

Monetize Professional Learning

The StepUp LMS also makes it possible to monetize professional learning. Secure transactions are built into the system and include ticketing, registration, and marketing tools. StepUp has partnered with Bizzabo to generate amplified revenue streams in a single integrated platform. Flawless event day experience, maximum attendance, and unified branding are sure to allow for your eventś success. Actionable analytics will allow you to reflect on the experience and prepare for the next learning event. Some of the specific events the StepUP/Bizzabo collaboration can be used for include:

● Fundraiser
● Recognition banquets
● Teacher training/ professional development
● Commencements/ graduation ceremonies
● Faculty meetings
● PTA meetings
● Networking events
● Orientation/ parent meetings
● Recruiting fairs
● Seminars and classes
● Sporting events
● Student enrollment

These are just some ways the Lumos StepUp LMS can simplify the planning, attending, and follow-up processes for your next event.

Do You Want to Take the Next Step?

Do you want to know more about the StepUp LMS? Reach out today for more information about how to take advantage of all this organizational powerhouse has to offer. There are so many highlights that we feel certain you will see what sets this LMS apart from the rest.

Anneda Nettleton

Anneda Nettleton

Ms. Anneda Nettleton is a veteran educator in Kentucky. Her professional interests include helping students become better communicators through written expression, integrating technology, and utilizing innovative activities to keep students engaged in learning. Anneda is a passionate educator and a seasoned curriculum freelance writer. Anneda is the proud mom of two precious children, Jeremiah and Jasmine. In her spare time, Anneda enjoys exploring new places with her kids.