The Effectiveness of eLearning

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Students in America today are so familiar with technology they do not even truly think about using it. Technology is embedded for into their daily lives. In most instances, they would struggle more without technology than adults do with it. Yet, when they come into the school building, they are expected to put their technology to the side, open their textbook or workbook and begin learning. Then, we as educators and parents struggle to understand why they are not always doing well.

This is where the beauty of eLearning comes into play because it allows students to incorporate technology into their studies, letting them control their own learning. But, eLearning also provides a two other primary benefits as well.

Active Learning

Because students are so familiar with a variety of digital medias, eLearning keeps them actively connected to their own learning. They are able to navigate through short videos, presentations, text, and other avenues of content, analyze the information they receive and apply it to a number of situations. This form of learning becomes more authentic and allows them to process at a higher level.

Immediate Feedback

Student learning occurs quickly and more effectively when students receive consistent, accurate, and timely feedback. They need the opportunity to process their mistakes and reevaluate their knowledge. eLearning allows for this as the technology provides immediate feedback to the students.

Lumos Learning capitalizes on both of the primary advantages of eLearning through their online learning platforms for Math and Language Arts learning. Their products combine student friendly eLearning platforms and the required content from the CCSS for grades 3 – 8.