Reading and Writing for Learning

Reading and Writing for Learning

There are a multitude of benefits to furthering your teaching education such as: gaining confidence; making yourself eligible for career advancements or promotions, and collecting clock hours, education units, and/or personal development units. E-CRED has formed strategic partnerships with colleges and universities across the country in order to ensure high quality learning content and online accessibility for teachers who are motivated to push themselves to be the best teacher they can be.

The Reading and Writing for Learning course is designed for K12 educators who want to get a deeper understanding of what kind of teaching techniques can be used to help students draw meaning from texts and express their discoveries effectively in writing. Each E-CRED course is highly customized and is designed to help you reach your full potential as an educator. This course will allow you to help students extract meaning from texts and start employing and gaining an understanding of critical thinking strategies. It would be well-suited to an English teacher who wants to take their students to the next level in terms of textual analysis and give them the tools to effectively express themselves through writing.

This course benefits any teacher by teaching them valuable classroom strategies for reading and writing but it is also a straightforward and guaranteed way to collect clock hours. Why would you want to collect clock hours as a teacher? Clock hours are the total actual number of hours per week that a student spends attending class and you will need them, for example, if you are looking to renew an expired teaching license. If you are attempting to renew a teaching license you must complete a certain number of clock hours in order to apply for a renewal. The number of clock hours needed for renewal is usually around 100, so taking online courses such as this one can really help you to chip away at that number. The renewal process might seem complicated and daunting but as E-CRED courses are nationally accredited you can rest assured that your hard work will lead to real results. You can also use clock hours for salary advancement purposes. The Reading and Writing for Learning course can help you to collect continuing education units/credits (CEUs) and professional development units as well. This course will give you 4 CEUs that you can use towards furthering your career as an educator and to show your employer that you are actively seeking to learn new skills.

One of the great things about E-CRED courses is that they take place entirely online. As a teacher, the last thing you might want to do after spending the day in a classroom is going to another classroom. With E-CRED the classroom can be in your home or at a coffee shop. You can settle down and get comfy and enjoy not having to deal with the added pressure of commuting to another location. E-CRED courses are self-paced so your learning revolves around your schedule. If you have a busy week, you can put your learning on hold and pick it up again when you have the time. No matter when you choose to learn, you will have the support of your E-CRED instructor who will act as a facilitator throughout the duration of the course.

You can come away from an E-CRED course with a new sense of confidence. Not only will you have gained many valuable teaching strategies and techniques that you can bring to the classroom, you will also have gained a sense of pride and accomplishment. You took the initiative to better yourself as an educator and now it is your students who will reap those benefits every day.

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Jaci Smith