Pros and Cons of Technology in Education

Technology is a highly useful tool that can be used in a classroom. In today’s world, it can enhance learning. It breeds innovation and develops a collaborative learning environment.

But, there is also a notion that technology is replacing teachers, it is frustrating and time-consuming.

With that in mind, the following are few pros and cons on the use of technology in the classroom.


Student participation

Technological tools let even the shyest student engage in the classroom who wouldn’t dare to raise the hand. They can also access the course material you share with them. You can also conduct quizzes, games and various other activities to keep your students focused.


There are so many e-learning platforms like Lumos learning providing thousands of resources that are aligned with respective grades. There are search engines dedicated to education like Lumos Edsearch, that lets not only teachers but parents and students to view class-specific worksheets, practice tests, apps, videos, etc.

Easing the job

There are jobs like grading papers, taking attendance, keeping track of students performances, etc. All these will be automated if the technology is used.



It is true that with technology even the shyest students will have a chance to participate in the classroom. But, technology will kill the ability to interact socially with people.


The major problem of technology in a classroom will be a distraction. It might provide thousands of fresh new resources to students, but it will also distract students from the classroom with other fun applications.


What is the use of submitting an essay when it is copied from some other internet source? Cheating or copying has become a rather easy job with technology in hand. The whole point of conducting tests and exam will be in vain if they submit a plagiarized content.

When used technology in the classroom with proper amount, it will always empower students!

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Jennifer Wilson